Oak Ridge National Laboratory Joins Material Data Management Consortium

Pittsburgh, September 26 2005 The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is welcoming Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as its newest member.

ORNL will join forces with other MDMC members in a collaborative mission to create software systems targeted at materials information management for the aerospace, defense and energy industries. The MDMC is credited with success in guiding development of the GRANTA MI software for enterprise-wide materials information management. GRANTA MI was released commercially earlier this year by Granta Design.

According to Roger Stoller, a Distinguished Research Staff Member in the ORNL Metals and Ceramics Division, MDMC membership will benefit ORNL by addressing specific objectives for standardizing management of and access to mechanical properties data. GRANTA MI will be used for two ORNL projects initially. The MI software will be employed as the standard system for mechanical properties data management by the Division’s Mechanical Properties and Mechanics Group. It will also be used to underpin the development of an electronic materials handbook for the international Generation IV advanced fission reactor program.

ORNL will be formally welcomed at the MDMC’s next meeting at Key Largo, Florida, in January, when the MDMC’s “Phase 2” will be launched.

Formed in 2002 by ASM International, NASA Glenn Research Center and Granta Design, the MDMC includes leading materials-oriented organizations in the U.S. aerospace, defense and energy industries. The aim of the consortium is to develop highly effective, powerful and flexible enterprise-wide software systems for managing mission-critical materials information. This is achieved by combining the requirements, experience, and technical expertise of the members, and using them to define and build software systems to fill the gaps in available technology – at a fraction of the cost of “going it alone”. Key objectives are to improve the quality and traceability of materials data and to increase the efficiency of materials data management and analysis.


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