Moldflow Corporation and Granta Design sign Partnership Agreement

Cambridge, April 1, 2003 At the 2003 International Moldflow User Conference, Moldflow Corporation (NASDAQ: MFLO), the world leader in process-wide solutions for optimizing the design and manufacture of plastic products, announced the execution of a strategic partnership agreement with Granta Design Limited, a leader in materials information technology. According to the agreement, portions of Moldflow's proprietary plastics material database, the largest of its kind in the industry today, will be included in Granta's CES4 Optimal Polymer Selector (OPS) product.

Granta's OPS provides a systematic method for selecting the best plastics material for a given application based on application requirements such as mechanical properties, optical properties and price, among others. As a result of the agreement with Moldflow, Granta customers will now be able to filter materials based on the availability of Moldflow material data—a critical feature for those customers for whom Moldflow analysis products are a requisite step in their product development processes.

"Granta customers will now have the ability to quickly eliminate materials which have not been characterized for use with Moldflow software tools in the earliest stages of determining material candidates for a given application," says Peter Rucinski, Moldflow's director of product marketing. "This further underscores the importance of having the required data to use Moldflow software products to perform analyses in those early stages of product development, when the cost of change is minimal yet the impact is greatest."

Patrick Coulter, Granta's chief operating officer, adds, "We are delighted Moldflow chose to partner with our company and proud that our ground-breaking OPS technology will be linked to Moldflow products. The OPS+Moldflow combination is compelling. Plastics part designers can now optimize cost and performance, earlier, further, and faster.."