The Material Data Network now online—the ultimate reference source for materials information

Cambridge, March 2003Granta Design announces the launch of the Material Data Network, now accessible at is a collection of online material information sources providing a vast range of reference information about materials and processes. Information is provided for all classes of materials, and an enormous range of different topics—from property data to processing and joining information, surface treatment, corrosion, even experts on a range of topics. The information is both quantitative and qualitative—with thousands of graphs, tables, micrographs as well as very large databases.

The Material Data Network can be used in conjunction Granta's CES4 material and process information management software to provide a fully integrated comprehensive materials information system. The entire Material Data Network can be searched instantly from CES4 using the 'Search Web' button to find additional information about a selected material or process record.

Currently the Material Data Network includes the following sources of information about materials and manufacturing processes. (Some of these services require subscriptions to be purchased):

ASM Handbooks Online features the complete content of twenty encyclopaedic ASM Handbook volumes plus two A SM Desk Editions.

ASM Alloy Center Online enables easy searches in one step across ASM property data, performance charts, and processing guidelines for specific metals and alloys.

NPL 'MIDAS' from the National Physical Laboratory in the UK specializes in material property measurement technology and standards.

UKSteel 'SteelSpec' contains summaries of British, European and some International steel standards, together with selected proprietary steel grades.

TWI 'JoinIT' from TWI,UK (The Welding Institute) contains comprehensive information about welding and joining processes,

MIL-HDBK data contains all the data in Granta Design's MIL-Handbook System from MIL-HDBK-5H CN1 (metals) (now called MMPDS).

Further sources of information will be added to the collection at regular intervals.

According to Dr Dave Cebon, Managing Director of Granta Design, "The combination of the Material Data Network and CES4 is unbeatable. Users will find that together they offer an outstanding source of online engineering data. We believe this to be the largest integrated collection of quality materials information available in the world"