Granta hosts MANUDIRECT nanotechnology project

Granta software aids innovation in direct ultra-precision manufacturing

Manudirect partners—details at www.manudirect.euCambridge—June 19, 2007 Granta and the University of Cambridge hosted the third project meeting of MANUDIRECT, a new collaborative project focused on innovative manufacturing processes, at Queen's College, Cambridge during June. MANUDURECT is a European Nanotechnologies Project funded by the European Union's Sixth Framework Program.

The project aims to provide a new platform for manufacturing with resolution better than 200 micro-metres, based on high productivity, high resolution, direct, one step, laser sintering using metals and ceramic materials. Such technology would have a broad range of microengineering and biomedical applications. The MANUDIRECT Consortium includes academic and industrial partners from Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Romania, Poland, Cyprus, and Belgium with commercial participants including Granta, Siemens, EADS Deutschland, and MTU.

Granta is providing software systems which enable the consortium partners to manage all materials data generated during the project in a single, collaborative, online system. Granta is also developing software tools to model the behavior of laser-sintered nano-materials. Such tools will enable researchers to investigate potential materials that may offer the desired combination of properties for their application, helping them to focus on manufacture and testing of the best candidates.

"Materials and their properties are central to the MANUDIRECT project. Granta's software allows the partners to capture, analyze, and share vital materials data and information simply and reliably," says Dr David Cebon, Managing Director of Granta. "The project also allows us to invest in novel tools that will help engineering enterprises to innovate using such information. We're delighted to support a project that so perfectly reflects the Granta approach—manage materials data for improved productivity, and apply it to drive innovation." Granta is leading MANUDIRECT Work Package 1—'Material and Component Design'.

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