Materials Fun at JEC Composites

Paris—April 1-3, 2008 Granta attended this month's JEC Composites 2008 Show in Paris, and our stand provided some 'materials fun' for the many guests who stopped by to see us. In our 'Guess the Materials Contest' every contestant was presented with five mystery materials samples and asked them to name them. Everyone walked away with a copy of our materials properties card game. Congratulations to our winner, Maurice Guitton of EADS Composites Atlantic Limited, who also receives Amazon tokens.*

Granta provides technology that helps organizations to manage complex property and process data relating to composite materials. We also provide databases of reference information on composite data properties, including the MIL-Handbook-17 data. Granta is actively engaged in practical collaborative projects focused on composite materials. For example, at the SAMPE Europe Conference held alongside JEC Composites, Dr Charlie Bream presented on Granta's work in support of the MANUDIRECT industry collaboration.

Every visitor to the Granta booth was able to catch up with Granta's latest offering for Composite Data Management and to discuss their needs with Granta staff.

Alongside the JEC Composites Show, Granta ran a Materials Information seminar, at which speakers from EADS Astrium and ASCO Industries presented case studies of their use of materials information management software. (See separate report).

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* For those who took part in the contest and want to know the correct answers, they were:

A. Galvanised Steel B. PTFE (or Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon) C. Unidirectional epoxy / carbon fibre D. Glass fibre / aramid honeycomb composite E. Zirconia Foam