EADS Astrium joins EMIT Consortium

EMIT logo Cambridge—Dec 18, 2008 EADS Astrium has become the latest member of the Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium.

The project, which began work on July 1, 2008, is developing information resources and software that aid members’ response to regulations such as REACH and enable design for minimum environmental impact, including low carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and reduced wastes and emissions.

EADS Astrium join founder members Emerson, Eurocopter, NASA, Rolls-Royce, and the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Granta Design is the primary software developer. Membership of the project is expected to grow to between ten and fifteen members, following the model of the successful Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC).

EMIT is a unique opportunity to participate in setting the standards in eco materials information technology for the coming decade.  Organizations become eligible for membership by purchasing a qualifying package of software. Members receive new software and data as it is developed and share the benefits of a muilti-million € development program. Members help to guide this program, ensuring that their critical business needs are met at much lower cost and risk than alternative approaches, particularly in-house development.

Members use the Consortium to generate solutions to their own problems. At the same time, they benefit from the ideas and expertise of other members in solving common issues. The Consortium is developing software including:

  • Restricted substances tools that help engineering enterprises to respond to REACH and similar regulations. Track the impact of legislation, generate restricted substance reports, design to avoid restricted substances, identify substitute materials.
  • Tools to enable design for low energy or carbon footprint. A novel Eco Audit Tool provides a quick and easy means to estimate the eco impact of a product at each point in its lifecyce. Selection software helps to identify materials that minimize this impact.
  • Reference information to enable enable a rational and well-informed response to eco challenges.

The project recently held its first review meeting at Eurocopter's Marseille site. The next project meeting will be at Rolls-Royce's Derby, UK site in April, 2009.


EMIT Consortium: www.emitconsortium.com