New Member for Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC)

Cambridge, 2004 Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has joined the eleven major Corporations and Government Agencies in the US Aerospace and Defense Industries that make up the MDMC. They will now share in the benefits of using targeted software systems, generated within the consortium by the members, to provide solutions to their materials data management issues. Key issues include increasing the quality and traceability of materials data and increasing the efficiency of materials data management and analysis.

CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied research and development professional services organization providing management and technology-based solutions to a wide range of clients representing state and federal government and the private sector. CTC will fit in comfortably with the existing members who will formally welcome them into the MDMC at the forthcoming members meeting at Huntsville Alabama, hosted by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, where the latest enterprise-wide materials information management software will be demonstrated.

The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is a group of materials-oriented organizations in the U.S. Aerospace and Defense industries established in 2002 by ASM International, the Life Prediction Branch of NASA Glenn Research Center and Granta Design. The objective of the consortium is to increase the members' return on investment for materials research, testing, and development. This is achieved by combining the requirements, experience, and technical expertise of the members, and using them to define and build software systems to fill the gaps in available technology for managing mission-critical materials information—at a fraction of the cost of "going it alone." The core focus of the Consortium is to maximize productivity, while maintaining the high-quality, traceability and security of materials data.

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