Rolls-Royce Speaks at Berlin MDMC Workshop

The second in the series of MDMC workshops took place alongside the Berlin Air Show on May 18, 2006.

Berlin, May 18, 2006 Rolls-Royce were the keynote speaker organization, describing progress with their phased implementation of an enterprise materials information management system. Jeff Sickmeier from Rolls-Royce explained the issues that they faced in managing, analyzing, and applying materials information. He described the solution that Rolls-Royce, via its membership of the MDMC, helped to specify and identified its key features from the Rolls-Royce perspective. These included tools to enable:

  • consolidation of materials databases across the corporation
  • removal of duplicate and inconsistent data, integration of legacy data
  • accessibility to approved materials data on a global basis, compliant with import/export control, regulations, and security requirements
  • compliance with corporate PLM/PDM strategy
  • improved 'customer' (e.g., design engineer) visibility of data through a user friendly system.

Dr Will Marsden of Granta and the MDMC provided an interactive demonstration of the system.

The next opportunity to discuss the Rolls-Royce experience and see the GRANTA MI system is at the Farnborough, UK workshop on 18 July.

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