AWE PLC Joins Material Data Management Consortium

Cambridge, UK and Cleveland, OH—December 15, 2005 The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is welcoming the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE plc) as its newest member.

AWE plc in the UK joins the MDMC to support and develop its current enterprise-wide materials information management system.

Fred Moran, a materials property engineer at AWE, said that the intention was to capture and deploy a wider range of diverse materials property information. This would then be made readily available in an easy-to-use environment.

“The long-term goal, supported by the use of the GRANTA MI software, is to develop the effectiveness of the standard internal system for delivery and accessibility of material property information and test data.”

The MDMC’s collaborative mission is to create software systems targeted on requirements of materials information management in aerospace, defense and energy industries.

The MDMC is credited with success in guiding development of the GRANTA MI software, released commercially in May 2005 through its developer, Granta Design Ltd (Cambridge, UK).

AWE will be formally welcomed at the MDMC's next meeting at Largo, Florida, on January 7-9, where plans for the MDMC’s “Phase 2” will be launched. 

About MDMC:

Formed in 2002 by ASM International, NASA Glenn Research Center and Granta Design, the Material Data Management Consortium ( comprises leading materials-oriented organizations in the aerospace, defense and energy industries.  The objective of the consortium is to increase the members’ return on investment for materials research, testing, and development. This is achieved by combining the requirements, experience, and technical expertise of the members, and using them to define and build software systems to fill the gaps in available technology for managing mission-critical materials information—at a fraction of the cost of “going it alone”. Key aims of the Consortium are to improve the quality and traceability of materials data and to increase the efficiency of materials data management and analysis.

About AWE plc:

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE plc) with sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire, has been central to the defence of the United Kingdom for more than 50 years. Our mission is to maintain the safety and effectiveness of warheads for the Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile system, which is currently the country’s sole nuclear deterrent. Our aim is to be recognised for our vital importance to the nation’s defence, for our reputation as a world-class company and as a centre of scientific and technological excellence. Today, we are managed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence through a government-owned/contractor-operated arrangement.