ASM Handbook web contract awarded to Granta Design

Press Release: July 2001 ASM International, the world's largest professional society for materials engineering, has selected Granta Design to develop and implement the transfer of all ASM's strategic content, including Handbooks and other key products, onto the web by the end of 2002.

The 20-volume ASM Handbook Series, often described as 'the metallurgist's bible', is currently available on CD-ROM and in print and will be available on the web by mid-2002. The rest of the content will follow by the end of that year.

Users will benefit from a readily accessible, integrated, searchable information source, all of which will be integrated with Granta Design's Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) system.

The web-based system will allow faster, more cost-effective access to a vast, integrated body of materials reference information. It will simplify complex decision making processes and enable analysis of all options available when investigating material and process solutions .

The system will use Granta Design's CES Web Application Toolkit, which is a 'materials-aware' software environment, specifically tailored for delivering materials information on the web. As well as the web-based version for ASM members there will also be a version for intranet use by corporate customers and libraries.

Granta Design's Managing Director, Dr David Cebon, is pleased with the confidence shown by ASM. "This contract reinforces Granta's leading position in materials IT solutions and strengthens our partnership with ASM. It is great news for our customers who will gain access to an extensive electronic reference library of information on materials and manufacturing processes, deployed using the latest information technology."

Granta Design has been working in partnership with ASM to provide the definitive electronic information system for engineering materials and manufacturing processes since late 2000. Currently under development are CD-ROMs containing ASM's popular Desk Edition Handbooks and an updated version of 'Alloy Finder'. Granta is also working on deploying both of these products on the web later this year.

The full list of ASM titles that Granta will transfer to the Web under the new contract are as follows: the ASM Handbooks (20-volumes), Heat Treaters Guides, Alloy Digest, Materials Properties Handbook: Titanium, Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams, Atlas of Fatigue Curves, Atlas of Stress-Strain Curves, Engineering Properties of Steels, Atlas of Creep and Stress-Rupture Curves, ASM Materials Data, Handbook of Corrosion Data, Coatings and Coating Processes for Metals, and Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams.