EADS Astrium Satellite speak at European workshops

Paris, Munich events attract users and producers of materials

April, 2007 Representatives of over twenty leading engineering enterprises attended two recent Granta Materials Information Workshops held in Paris and Munich. The Munich event was held on March 29 at the Munich Messe, within the Aerospace Testing Expo 2007. The Paris meeting was on April 4, alongside the JEC Composites event.

Attendees included organizations involved in materials production, aerospace, motorsports, and the automotive industry. A case study of the need for materials information management technology in industry was provided by EADS Astrium Satellite, who presented on their requirements for controlling and using materials data and the solution that they are implementing with Granta.

Other presentations and interactive software demonstrations covered:

  • Getting your materials information under control and providing cost-effective and efficient access across engineering enterprises
  • Managing materials data throughout its lifecycle—from capture, through analysis and deployment, to ongoing maintenance
  • Applying materials information to make better business and design decisions

In each case, attendees discussed the importance of the topic and its practical impact on their work. A valuable exercise at both venues was a discussion session in which those present identified specific problems or challenges relating to materials information that were important to them or their organization. A similar set of issues arose at both Workshop locations, with many attendees finding that they shared problems with their peers in other organizations.

Here are some of the key issues that attendees prioritized:

  • I need our engineers to feed the right data into their FE/CAD/…
  • I need to get our company materials data to our designers
  • I want our designers to make rational material decisions
  • I need to comply with the latest eco-legislation
  • I need the relevant material property data for my industry
  • I need to consolidate my materials test data
  • I want to publish materials information to my customers
  • I need to find a cheaper material that does the same job
  • I want to stop my company proliferating material choices
  • I need to position my materials with respect to the competition
  • I want a turn-key system providing materials support to my SME
  • We need full traceability of all data our designers use
  • I need my customers to input their data to my system
  • We need full data security and access control

Feedback from meeting attendees was very positive, since many were able to discuss shared problems with Granta experts and their peers, as well as learning how Granta software addresses each of the issues above.

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