How CES Selector is helping CETEM save time and improve sustainability

A Case Study by Luisa Martínez Morcillo, Área de Materiales, CETEM, Spain

CETEM is a technological center working in the furniture and wood industry. Typically, we work for furniture companies and wood-processing companies but also we work for other industry companies such a plastic, metal, and composite companies.

Using CES Selector, CETEM has an important technical support tool as we solve research and innovation projects. It has helped us to define some compositions of our products and to look for different commercial options, for example, working with several suppliers. In addition, CES Selector has helped us to compare different materials which we are working and find similar options which were previously unknown.

CES Selector has also helped us innovate: we use CES Selector to search for new materials with suitable properties to use in new products. Futthermore, we can compare different materials according to their properties, then we can select the most suitable material por each innovative application.

Eco Audit graphIn terms of sustainability, the use of the Eco Audit Tool for analyzing the environmental impact of different products is making our daily work easier.

We have seen time savings of 25 to 40%, depending on each case. Every day we are increasing the number of activities that we realise using this tool.


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