Celebrating 21 Years of Materials Selection

Cambridge, UK—July 1, 2007 A "coming of age" party marked twenty-one years of materials selection software at Cambridge University and Granta Design this month.

In 1986, Professor Mike Ashby and Dr David Cebon first collaborated on developing software tools to systematically select materials for engineering applications. Their work, at the Cambridge University Engineering Department, led to the founding of Granta Design and the development of new technologies and products that are now used by world-leading engineering organizations such as NASA, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, GE, and Emerson Electric. These products include:

  • CES Selector—advanced software tools, used in industry to support analysis and selection of engineering materials and processes
  • GRANTA MI—an integrated system to manage materials information throughout the engineering process
  • CES EduPack—the leading toolkit for teaching materials engineering, now used at over 550 universities worldwide.

The celebration party, at Queen's College, Cambridge, brought together current and former employees and researchers at Granta Design and Cambridge University, and other longstanding friends of the materials selection project. A display, supported by hands-on demonstrations, charted the development of Granta's materials information technology from the "back of an envelope" in 1986 to today's advanced commercial tools (see above).

Remarks from Granta founder, Mike Ashby, Managing Director, David Cebon, and Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Coulter, thanked all of those—at Cambridge University, Granta, our partners and customers—who have contributed to this progress. They also noted the promising future for materials information technology. Good decisions about materials usage will be central to eco-design and to the ability of business to reduce its carbon footprint and meet environmental regulations. These decisions require the right materials information and analysis tools—so Granta's solutions are well-placed to play a vital role in an increasingly eco-aware economy.

The group toasted 21 years of success and looked forward to many further celebrations!

From the back of an envelope to today's advanced selection software—21 years of materials selection at Cambridge University and Granta



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