Latest online steels resources help scientists and practical metallurgists predict properties and behavior

'Atlas of Precipitates in Steels' and flow curve modeling enhance interactive 'StahlDat SX Professional' resources

Cambridge, UK and Düsseldorf, Germany—May 2, 2012 The StahlDat SX website provides engineers and materials scientists with simple access to the complete Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels), associated specifications, and properties. It was launched earlier this year, and manufacturing companies and research institutes are already benefiting from convenient online access to the wealth of steel information compiled by Stahlinstitut VDEh (the German Steel Institute).

The Stahlinstitut, Granta, and Metatech GmbH are now working with the University of Freiberg to provide an extension to the current Stahldat Pro Online version which will cover parametric flow curves for more than 100 steel grades at different microstructures. The flow curves result from the so called Hensel-Spittel mathematical models, which are well established in metal forming industries.  Taking advantage of the graphical-modeling capabilities of GRANTA MI, users can now generate any desired flow-curve for specific parameters, i.e. temperature, strain-rate, strain. Curve data can be easily exported for use in FEA software and flow curves of different grades can be compared. The Flow Curve Database is part of the StahlDat SX Professional suite and will be available online from June 30.


StahlDat SX Professional is also being extended by the “Atlas of Precipitates in Steels” Reference book. This 600 page volume helps scientists and practical metallurgists to obtain information about the precipitates to be expected in a particular steel, thus giving reliable indications of the probable properties and behavior. All the materials are linked to the Stahl-Eisen-Liste, which provides access to supplemental  information.

The StahlDat SX website is powered by GRANTA MI technology, and the StahlDat SX data is also available as a module for corporate installations of GRANTA MI. This means that it can be made available on a corporate network and integrated with a company's materials data.

“StahlDat SX Standard” is currently available for a free 14-days trial. New users get instant access to their 14-days test period upon registration. After 14 days they can upgrade either to “SX Standard” or “SX Professional” or continue to use the more-limited “SX Community” version.



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Stahlinstitut, Metatech GmbH,  and Granta Design create new online information resource

StahlDat SX provides complete register of European steels

Cambridge, UK and Düsseldorf, Germany—February 01, 2012 Granta Design, Metatech GmbH, and the Stahlinstitut VDEh (German Steel Institute) today announced the availability of a new online resource providing access to comprehensive data on European steels. The new StahlDat SX website provides engineers and materials scientists with simple access to the complete Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels), associated specifications, and properties. The website makes this data quick and easy to browse and search, combining the wealth of steel information compiled by the Stahlinstitut with Granta’s industry-leading technology for managing, sharing, and using materials information.

For every steel in the Stahl-Eisen-Liste, the StahlDat SX database includes: material names, short names, material numbers, chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal properties, usage, forms, and supplier information. The new system integrates all official Stahlinstitut steel data into a single resource, which will be continuously improved. Speed and ease of navigation is ensured through the use of the latest hardware and software.

Subscribers in manufacturing companies and research institutes can quickly find any European steel by entering any identifying designation (number, name, trade name). They can search for steels that meet property criteria and are available in the required form, and find similar materials or substitutes. They can find suppliers for a required material and data can be exported for use in design and analysis tools.

StahlDat SX will also help producers and vendors of steels. By ensuring that their materials are included in the database, these companies can help potential customers to match these products to appropriate applications.

”We appreciate the collaboration with Metatech and Granta Design as we can now offer much improved functionality and user friendliness together with extended contents to our members and customers” commends Dr. Peter Dahlmann,  Executive Director of Stahlinstitut VDEh.

”By using GRANTA MI as a mature foundation for materials data management we were able to focus on content and needed virtually no programming to implement such a powerful system like StahlDat SX” explains Dr. Uwe Diekmann, Managing Director at Metatech GmbH. 

“Granta has been very pleased to work with the Stahlinstitut in making this important information source available to the widest possible community of engineers and scientists,” comments Dr Patrick Coulter, Chief Operating Officer at Granta Design. The StahlDat SX data is also available as a module for Granta’s materials information management system, GRANTA MI. This means that it can be made available on a corporate network, integrated with all of the company’s materials data.



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About Stahlinstitut

Since 1998, the Steel Institute VDEh, the German Steel Federation, and other organisations and institutes of the steel industry have operated under the umbrella of the Stahl-Zentrum. They consolidate their tasks as legally autonomous organisations within the Stahl-Zentrum. The Stahl-Zentrum helps member organisations through targeted marketing in national and international competition, supports the further development of steel technology through the expansion of joint technical and scientific work. Furthermore it informs the general public about current developments in the steel industry.

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Metatech GmbH is an expert materials consultancy providing consultancy, engineering, and implementation services in areas including product development (selection of materials, processes, and coatings), manufacturing (improvement of materials and energy efficiency), and eco design. Metatech also acts as a Granta representative and provides services relating to Granta products to customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Metatech is implementing materials data-systems for customers and extends these by supplying simulation systems for calculation of materials properties (JMatPro).  

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