Granta to distribute "gRRappler"

Cambridge, UK—June 9, 2009 Granta is to further develop and distribute gRRappler, a software utility developed by Rolls-Royce engineers to aid the cleansing and processing of materials test data.

gRRappler assists the materials experts who administer large databases of materials test data. It is particularly helpful where users need to manipulate large quantities of the complex, functional data that is typical in aerospace engineering. gRRappler exports this data from a GRANTA MI database into a Microsoft Excel format that enables the data to be quickly cleansed and edited, before reimporting it to the database.

The gRRappler software will initially be made available to MDMC members. The code is then available to Granta for integration into future releases of the GRANTA MI system.

This development exploits GRANTA MI's capability as an open, flexible, system that is able to easily integrate proprietary tools. The process, in which an application created by users of GRANTA MI within a leading engineering organization is now made available to the wider community, also demonstrates the value of the Consortium approach to sharing best practice.

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