Media Frequently Asked Questions

Media Contact

Stephen Warde
Vice President, Marketing    
Granta Design Limited,    +44-1223-518895, USA +1-800-241-1546


Q. Who can I contact at Granta?
A. See the up-to-date media contact (above).

Q. How do I ensure that I receive Granta press releases?
Mail us to request that you are added to our press release. Please indicate the email address to which you would like the release sent.

Q. Can Granta provide me with articles or information?
Yes. Granta regularly provides information and articles on our industry, products, or customers to magazines, journals, and websites. Some examples are listed here. Our writers can provide overview and feature articles. We can arrange for quotes and news brief items. Or our technical staff can provide detailed scientific and technical material. Just use the contact information above to find out how we can help.

Q. I am writing a science/technology article. Is there someone at Granta with whom I can interview?
A. Yes. Granta can arrange interviews with experts in applying materials information to improve product design for industries like aerospace, defense and energy. We can connect you to authorative speakers on engineering education. We can also arrange interviews with our executive management to discuss trends in these fields or Granta's business.

Q. Can Granta provide pictures and illustrations?
Yes. We are happy to provide graphics to illustrate your articles, provided that we are suitably acknowledged. You can download material straight from our website or contact us if you have specific requirements.

Q. How do I get permission to use material from this website or to reference Granta in journal articles?
Granta is pleased to be referenced in business and trade journals. To receive permission and/or discuss usage and style, contact us. If you use material from Granta, please acknowledge us.

Q. Do any Granta products have trademarks?
Yes. Granta Design, CES EduPack, CES Selector, GRANTA MI, GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway, and Eco Audit are all trademarks of Granta Design Limited. See the full list of trademarks here 

Q. Can I interview one of your customers?
Granta can often assist you in identifying a customer to interview. Note that the availability of some customers may be limited by confidentiality or by their corporate communications policies.

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