Innovation for Sustainable Production 2012

Bruges (Belgium), May, 6-9, 2012

Event website:

Granta will be attending the i-SUP2012 conference in Bruges this Spring:

"On 19th April, 2010 at the start of i-SUP2010 in Bruges, the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland prevented all air traffic over Europe. It was a small example of how a natural disaster could have such an impact even in the western world. In the meantime oil spills, forest fires and floods all over the world made clear that we are facing large changes and disasters if we are not prepared to adapt and to mitigate to climate change."--event website

Granta are attending i-SUP2012 in light of our interest in environmental sustainability. Dr. Jamie O'Hare will be speaking in the 'Assessment methodologies' session on May 8.

Granta's eco audit technology enables easy-to-use, interactive tools that help you to make more sustainable design decisions. You can quickly estimate environmental impact, then combine this information with cost and performance data to guide materials selection. Crucially, the Eco Audit Tool allows these decisions to be made at the early stages of product design, when changes cost least and matter most.

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