Granta delivers best ever enterprise Materials Information Management System—access materials data twice as fast

Continuous improvement program continues at MDMC Meeting, hosted by GE-Aviation

Cambridge, UK – July 15, 2015. Granta Design today announced further major performance, deployment, and functional enhancements to its GRANTA MI™ Version 8.1 system for enterprise materials information management, including enabling users to access data twice as fast. These significant advances are being delivered via a simple-to-install software update this month. As well as delivering a quicker system, the update improves scalability, adds new tools for easy administration of large numbers of users, and provides a more efficient way to merge new data into company databases. These developments will be reviewed at next month's Material Data Management Consortium Meeting, hosted by GE-Aviation in Cincinnati, OH, the latest milestone in a continuous improvement program to enable best practice in the management and use of vital materials data.

Supporting your business strategy

GRANTA MI captures all corporate materials data and information in one place and
makes it avalable to the engineers that need it.

GRANTA MI, the industry-leading system first released in 2004, is now used by dozens of major enterprises worldwide in sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Devices. These companies can realise multi-million dollar returns through improved productivity and quality in materials engineering, greater reliability when using materials data, avoidance of regulatory and other risks, and better analysis and decisions in materials selection, simulation, and product design.

With thousands of potential users in larger enterprises, fast, reliable database performance is essential. The latest GRANTA MI software improvements speed up key tasks including: halving times to load a material property datasheet, ten-fold improvements in times to import typical large data sets, faster automatic linking data of imported data to related information (important when capturing the context for data), and faster deletion of obsolete data.

Another challenge for a large enterprise system can be to manage 'who sees what'. User management enhancements make this straightforward, providing more flexibility in controlling access for large user numbers via an in-built app which now integrates seamlessly with corporate Windows® accounts.

A further advance in this latest version is in database updates. User organizations often manage proprietary data alongside a library of reference data. They create links, for example, to define which of their materials contain particular chemicals described in Granta's authoritative database of restricted substances. This enables them to answer business-critical questions about regulatory risk. Merging the extensive data updates required to remain current into a rapidly-changing database could be a very complicated information management task. But new tools simplify and speed up this process.

Enhancement of GRANTA MI is informed by constant work with the user community. One mechanism is three Consortia: industry collaborations focused on materials information technology that meets regularly to review progress, share experience, and guide development priorities. The latest enhancements will be reviewed when the longest-running of these projects, the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), holds its 26th Meeting at GE-Aviation in Cincinnati from August 3-5. The Environmental Materials Information Technology Consortium (EMIT) and Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium (AutoMatIC) meet in September and October. Members include Airbus Helicopters, Boeing, Emerson Electric, General Motors, Honeywell, NASA, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Rolls-Royce, and United Technologies Corporation.

The updated GRANTA MI system will also be demonstrated at a webinar entitled "Best Practice Materials Data Management: Top Factors to Consider" on July 22. Details and registration here.

"We're pleased to be able to deliver faster performance and improved features for practical enterprise materials information management, based on close collaboration with our customers," says Dr Patrick Coulter, Chief Operating Officer at Granta Design. "One pleasing feature of this announcement is that it uses improved technology and processes to deliver such enhancements to customers quickly, without the need for a major software release or for significant IT resources from our customers."

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