Pratt and Whitney's Erin Yaeger to chair Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium for 2015

The EMIT Consortium today announced that Erin Yaeger, Sustainable Design Manager, will chair the project for 2015. Ms Yaeger replaces outgoing chair Peter Mezey of Boeing. She will oversee the 2015 EMIT meetings, with the next scheduled for April 2015 in Derby, UK, hosted by Rolls-Royce. The meeting will continue the Consortium’s second phase, with key areas of focus including the avoidance of restricted substances risk and eco design.

The EMIT Consortium is a collaborative industry project aimed at applying materials information technology to assist design around environmental constraints. Members, including Airbus Helicopters, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Honeywell, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce and Thales, meet twice a year to discuss environmental and regulatory concerns, sharing ideas and best practices in a collaborative, solutions-focused environment. Phase II of the project, started in 2013, sees members applying the materials information technology developed by the project’s software provider, Granta Design, during Phase I. Members provide Granta with feedback that guides system enhancements. Most recently, this informed the design of a new Restricted Substances database schema, which enables the management of the complicated data involved in restricted substance risk management.

Pratt and Whitney’s involvement in the Consortium is based on a project to establish a database in which they can capture and store legacy data about materials and restricted substances, creating the foundation for an extensible platform that will enable the company to better manage the complexities of global restricted substances legislation and their impacts. Through her leading role in this project, Erin Yaeger has gained considerable first-hand experience in the implementation of a restricted substance risk management system. Yaeger has been working Sustainable Design at P&W for 13 years, and has supported numerous aerospace industry activities on hazardous materials management including co-chairing the SAE E1 Environmental Committee and sitting on the Chemical Reporting work group of IAEG.

“It is a great pleasure to take on the role of EMIT chair,” commented Erin Yaeger. “The EMIT Consortium can help members to take real, practical steps towards developing tools and data that support compliance and reduce business risk. I look forward to working with the other members to meet the objectives of Phase II.”

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