Granta updates metals and plastics data from leading reference data sources

Latest updates expand Granta's comprehensive materials reference data library

Cambridge, UK – November 26, 2014 Granta Design today announced the release of six upgraded materials reference data modules, each providing property data and related information from leading data sources for metals (MI-21, StahlDat SX, and NIMS) or plastics (Prospector® Plastics, CAMPUS®, and M-Base).

Engineers need reliable, reference  data to perform key materials-related tasks including selecting materials, substitution and equivalency studies, simulation, certification, and specifying specific grades in design. Granta software products provide access to a regularly-updated, comprehensive library of this and other materials reference information all in one place, supporting these applications, saving time, and ensuring use of the best, up-to-date data.

Granta also links materials information together into a truly integrated resource, using its unique MaterialUniverse™ data module as a ‘hub’. MaterialUniverse is a catalogue of nearly 4,000 generic materials types, covering the full range of engineering materials and their properties. It can act as an ‘index’, with users finding a material type of interest, then following hyperlinks to detailed data on specific metal or plastics grades in more specialist data modules. This linking has been refined and extended for the key metals and plastics resources in this release.

Metals data modules

MI-21 comprises data collections from the World Metals Index and The Welding Institute (TWI). It covers metals specifications from standards, trade literature, and datasheets, and data on joining and surface treatment consumables. The latest version increases its coverage to around 63,000 materials and consumables. Enhancements include a new, easier way to search and report on the available forms for specifications of interest.

Comparing hardenability curves from a Jominy test for two case hardening steels in the new StahlDat SX data module

Comparing hardenability curves from a Jominy test for two case hardening steels in the new StahlDat SX data module.

The Stahldat SX data module has also been updated to ensure it contains the complete and up-to-date Register of European Steels, with specification data and temperature-dependent material properties. The latest version also includes a new table of hardenability properties.

The National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan offers over 40 years of creep and fatigue data at a range of temperatures for metals used in pipework and vessels in power stations and petrochemical plants. The latest update includes significantly revised creep data.

Plastics data modules

The Prospector Plastics module (formerly IDES) from UL puts thousands of plastic material specification sheets at your fingertips. The update includes the latest data, including a new section distinguishing cured and uncured properties.

The CAMPUS database features high quality, highly comparable plastics data thanks to measurement according to strict use of consistent ISO standards. The new version includes all the latest data updates, including approximately 10% increased coverage of polymer grades. This module is also available with M-Base Plastics, which adds over 30,000 records covering commodity plastics and biopolymers and a unique database of applications.


Users of GRANTA MI™, Granta’s material information management system, will be able to access these updated modules alongside their own in-house reference data, providing a single ‘gold source’ for materials data. Most of the updated modules are also available in CES Selector™ PC software, where users can apply intelligent graphing tools to compare properties and make materials decisions.
“The latest updates to our expanding library of reference data provide our GRANTA MI and CES Selector customers with even better access to high-quality, up-to-date materials data, all in one place,” commented Dr Patrick Coulter, Chief Operating Officer at Granta Design. “This is invaluable for making smart materials decisions, saving time and money, and supporting the development of better, greener, safer products.”

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