Spring Release of ASM Medical Materials Database brings Major Upgrades, New Materials

Materials Park, Ohio, USA and Cambridge, UK – May 20, 2014

ASM International and Granta Design, leaders in materials information technology, today announced major updates to the ASM Medical Materials Database™. The spring release of this resource includes new-look navigation, helping users to get more from this valuable on-line tool, new data on materials including stainless steels and tool steels, expanded coverage of the latest additive manufacturing techniques, and the addition of the latest FDA approved devices (510k and PMA) with links to associated materials, coatings and drugs.

New Medical Materials Database homepage

Users can immediately benefit from the updated database of peer-reviewed data covering the materials, coatings, and compatible drugs used in medical devices. A new homepage gives quick access to targeted information for different types of users, such as: medical device designers, academics, students, and regulatory affairs officers. Users can find what they need, faster, particularly when they are new to the database.

The comprehensive coverage of medical materials has been extended with data on additional steels, including information on commercially-available grades, biological response information, and links to original peer reviewed sources, producers, and related approved medical devices. With additive manufacturing an increasingly hot topic, the database has also been updated to feature information on the latest techniques, including binder printing, laser powder forming, projection stereolithography, electron beam melting, and ultrasonic consolidation. The update also encompasses the latest FDA approved devices (510k and PMA) including: 54 new material and medical device producers, 8 recalls related to the medical device modules covered, and 9 of the latest FDA guidance documents.

Commenting on the new spring release, Scott Henry, Director, Content and Knowledge Based Solutions at ASM, said “These major updates to the Medical Materials Database will benefit the end user, both existing subscribers and new, by providing the latest industry information and a streamlined experience for different types of users. I am proud of the work our team has done, and I believe the customers will be pleased with the results.” 

Granta’s Managing Director, Professor David Cebon, said “We’re pleased to maintain our record of regular, significant releases of the database, ensuring that it stays up-to-date with the latest available information, while also focusing on the end-user experience. Our aim is to ensure that users can find the mission-critical information they need for new product innovation with the least possible time and effort.”

The ASM Medical Materials Database™ is a single relational resource that summarizes peer reviewed scientific and engineering knowledge on implantable medical materials, including coverage on cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neurological and surgical materials. The database content represents thousands of hours of data acquisition, peer review, and verification, and now includes approximately 42,000 devices, 1500 specific grades, 290 material types, 2300 producers, and 42,000 references, plus related coatings, drugs, adhesives, and processes information. Coverage includes mechanical, physical, biological response, and drug compatibility properties. Each material is linked to devices in which it has been used, as well as source documentation.

Subscribers can access the ASM Medical Materials Database online 24/7. Alternatively, it can be loaded into any corporate materials information system based on GRANTA MI™, the leading materials information management software.

About ASM International

As the world’s largest association of metals-centric materials engineers and scientists, ASM International is dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community. A member and volunteer based organization, ASM serves as a central resource that gathers the latest applied information from the field and disseminates it back to industry, academia, and government through published content, classes, conferences, expositions, and local chapter engagement. The ASM Medical Materials Database extends beyond a metals focus, encompassing biological, carbonaceous, ceramic, glass, and polymer and other synthetic materials. To learn more about ASM International, visit www.asminternational.org.

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