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The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC)

Managing critical data in aerospace, defense, and energy

MDMC logoThe Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is a collaborative project that brings together an international group of leading engineering enterprises with the mission of developing and applying materials information technology to maximize the value of materials engineering. The MDMC is open to new members.


The MDMC was founded in 2002 by materials-oriented corporations and government agencies and is now in Phase IV, delivering proven benefits to members, including:

  • Apply best practice to manage all aspects of the materials data lifecycle
  • Increase the quality, integrity and traceability of materials data
  • Benefit from shared experience and investment; a cost-effective, low-risk solution
  • Apply tools to aid materials engineering productivity: save time and cost, increase competitiveness
  • Maximize returns on materials data: deploy it where it is needed

PDF PDF MDMC Overview—more details on Phase IV 

Read case studies from NASA, Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, and Rolls-Royce 

A detailed proposal document is available to any organization wishing to assess the Granta software and services and membership of the Consortium. Contact us for details.

Members' site

MDMC Members can download project documents and get the latest information on recent and upcoming meetings from the MDMC Members' site. To access this site, sign in with your 'My Granta' username and password.

Access the members site 

Further information

For more information on the technology developed through the Consortium and its application, see: