A Material Producer's Guide to Materials Information Technology

Five Practical Steps to Protect and Increase your Market Share

Granta's Guide draws on our experience working with leading producers of metals, plastics, and composites to ask: What's driving changes in the industry? and What does this mean about the importance of materials information technology? With five simple and practical tips, you see how to systematically manage, control, and use one of your most valuable assets—your materials information—to position your products against the competition, avoid expensive retesting, and work more closely with your key customers. Download your copy of this Guide (at no cost) to find out more about how you can maintain a competitive advantage.

Help materials scientists and engineers to find and use the information that they need Granta supports makers and users of plastics Powerful graphical software helps you position new materials Manage test data and select the right materials for composites Granta supports makers and users of metals and alloys Granta software manages data on processing as well as materials properties

About Granta: the materials information technology experts

Granta Design is the world leader in materials information technology. Our software tools, materials data, and materials database solutions help engineering enterprises to: manage critical materials data; enable better materials decisions ; design for environmental objectives and regulations; and provide materials support for engineering design, analysis, and simulation. Founded in 1994 as a spin-off from the University of Cambridge, we have grown to be the world leader in materials information technology, with customers in hundreds of top engineering enterprises and universities. We focus on delivering real business value that increases productivity, reduces risk, enables innovation, and makes efficient use of materials and related resources to give you the competitive advantage.

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