SAE Aviation Technology Forum

Location Shanghai, China
Dates June 5-6, 2018
Granta Presentation AM Informatics – enabling digital thread and digital twin strategy for Additive Manufacturing
We will be demonstrating Materials intelligence for aerospace
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Granta Presentation

Granta Speaker: 
Richard Painter, VP Business Development, APAC

AM Informatics – enabling digital thread and digital twin strategy for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Part 1
Wednesday June 6 at 11:30am - 1pm

AM programs generate vast amounts of data on material properties, process parameters, tests and simulation to qualify and certify parts. This raises many questions: what data to retain? How to analyze the data? How to keep the digital thread and data connectivity of the entire product lifecycle? AM informatics addresses those questions with a framework using the latest technology to capture, manage, and analyze complete AM process information on powders, builds, machine parameters, and parts. This allows for instant analysis of the data to understand the optimal process parameters and enables connectivity and traceability of part design, manufacturing, testing and in-service usage.

Digital twin, the concept of keeping a virtual representation of physical products to predict performance, requires instant access to relevant data. AM informatics is prepared to deliver data when and where it is needed, for simulation or design. In addition, it provides a platform to compare empirical data with simulation data (e.g., for and from Abaqus) supporting in-depth study of the parameters affecting part quality and material model calibration. Ultimately, to efficiently certify high quality AM parts, AM informatics plays a pivotal role by capturing and mining material and process information, supporting the digital thread and digital twin data exchange. This presentation will discuss and present the methodology and technology needed to implement AM informatics.