Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018

Location Gaithersburg, MD
Dates June 18-21, 2018
Granta Presentation  
We will be demonstrating Materials intelligence for additive manufacturing
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Granta Presentation

Granta Speaker: Deborah Mies

Title: Supporting analysis and traceability for Additive Manufacturing measurements

Symposium: Measurement and Modeling Symposium and Benchmark Challenges
Session: Validation and Verification I: Qualification Metrics and Requirements
Location: NIST Headquarters - Heritage Room
Tuesday, June 19 at 2:20 PM - 2:50 PM

Qualification and certification (QC) of Additive Manufacturing (AM) require extensive measurements and characterization to understand the material and part properties. However, there are some significant data management and analysis challenges that need to be addressed first. The amount of data generated can reach frightening amounts which makes data access, data analysis and process traceability difficult. Different expensive test types (e.g. tensile, fatigue, creep) are needed from different machines, plus people and departments to characterize a part. Furthermore, simulations can generate gigabytes of data that need to be calibrated with empirical tests. In addition, data from machines, powders and builds needs to be captured and linked to test data to enable process-property relationship analysis. This presentation will discuss a methodology and process to efficiently capture measured and simulated data, enabling instant data access, data analysis and process traceability.