Composites Europe

Location Stuttgart, Germany
Dates September 19-21, 2017
Find us at Hall 6, B75
We will be demonstrating Composite data management, materials selection
Granta presentations Tues, Sep 19, 13:30 - Najib Baig, "Managing composite materials for faster qualification and critical traceability", Composites Forum (Aerospace)
Granta will also be participating in the Wind Energy Guided Tour, presentation at the Granta booth, 11:45 Tuesday
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Presentation details

Managing composites materials for faster qualification and critical traceability

Presenter: Najib Baig. Product Manager, Materials Innovation, Granta Design

Date/Time: Tuesday Sep 19, 13:30

Location: Composites Forum (Aerospace)

Composites materials are complex and generate a multitude of information. Typically, organizations which develop and use composites materials are faced with challenges related to storing, sharing, and reporting on this information, which results in vital IP being lost or not shared, increased qualification time, and barriers to innovation. There is also concern, in particular for the aerospace industry, about traceability to ensure auditability and safe use of end products.

This lecture will discuss and propose a solution to these challenges by introducing a systematic way of managing, analyzing, and sharing composites information with a focus on the aerospace industry.


Wind Guided Tour

Date/Time: Tuesday Sep 19, 11:45

Location: Granta booth (Hall 6, B75)

Visit Granta Design to find out how we help wind technology companies such as Vestas to manage and use vital composite data. We’ll show you our software tools that help you to capture, control, and share proprietary composite knowledge, to access valuable reference information, and to apply these resources in design, simulation, and development. You will see how you could ensure a fast, iterative design process by providing accurate, consistent data to engineers when and where they need it, helping to reduce variation in design. We will show how to gain greater statistical confidence in the properties of your materials, so you can balance cost and performance as you push performance boundaries. And we’ll discuss how effective composite information management improves product reliability and supports certification: by enabling accurate prediction of life-span and service intervals, and by ensuring that your history of material testing and analysis is fully traceable.