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Location Detroit, MI, USA
Dates October 9-10, 2017
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Granta presentation Optimizing Additive Manufacturing through effective use of materials and process information
We will be demonstrating Materials data for HyperMesh/CAE
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Presentation details

Optimizing Additive Manufacturing through effective use of materials and process information

Presenter: Franklin Mayse, Granta Design

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 10

Location: Room 305

Additive manufacturing (AM) will transform manufacturing; but only when we understand the effect of process parameters on materials in order to control part performance, consistency, and quality. A pre-requisite is a strategy to capture and mine material and process information. Materials information management is our core expertise at Granta Design.

AM programs generate vast amounts of data on material properties, process parameters, tests, simulation, and qualification of parts. What should we retain, how do we use it, what is best practice? How do we audit processes? Which parameters or relationships are critical? Can we avoid investing in parts that don’t get certified, or repeating work for certification purposes?

This presentation will answer such questions and show how the GRANTA MI™ system captures, manages, and analyzes information on powders, builds, machine parameters, and parts. Collating data and sharing it between collaborating materials scientists, machine manufacturers, and process simulation experts is particularly important for AM. Auditability and comparison between physical data and simulation data supports in-depth study of the parameters affecting part quality. We will also discuss integration with Altair solutions, providing materials data for simulation, and introduce the CES Selector materials selection software – soon available via the Altair Partner Alliance.