Additive Manufacturing + 3D Printing Conference & Expo (AM3D)

Charlotte, NC, USA

August 21-24, 2016

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Granta is speaking at this event.

With the GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing™ Package you can manage all of the materials and process information required for the effective development and production of additively-manufactured parts. Based on extensive experience developed through leading Additive Manufacturing collaborative projects, this software package bridges the requirements of R&D, part design, simulation, production, and the supply chain. It helps you develop understanding of materials and processes within this new and rapidly evolving technology and build a knowledge-base that can help you to reduce R&D costs and support qualification and certification of parts.

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Granta Presentation

Granta Speaker: Deborah Mies

Title: Developing a Unified Schema to Support AM Needs across Materials, Processes, and Organizations

Session: Tuesday, August 23, 11:10am-12pm

Additive Manufacturing (‘AM’) can be achieved using many different materials and processes. In processes such as Direct Laser Metal Deposition (‘DLMD’), Selective Laser Melting (‘SLM’), and Wire Feed, the feed material is transformed by an energy flux that without rigorous control produces parts with uncertain quality. With rigorous control, parts can be produced with material characteristics not easily achieved by standard manufacturing methods. Making parts that are lighter, stronger, and with more functional designs hold promise in domains as diverse as biomedical, automotive, and aerospace. Understanding and controlling the material produced by the process is inherent to development of effective parts, and to their certification (which is vital to mainstream acceptance for critical applications). This report will discuss how efficient, best practice capture, use, and analysis of material and process data relating to additive manufacturing can enhance supply chains and production processes, shorten development times, and improve reproducibility and quality of part production and, ultimately, support qualification and certification objectives.

Deborah Mies, Industry Relations Manager
Deborah is one of the leading experts in materials information technology and its application to customer needs. A graduate of University of California, Irvine, with background in chemistry and advanced composites, she has specialized in materials information technology for over twenty years. Deborah’s current focus in on helping engineers to develop the full potential of materials information technology in their engineering process.