Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Bordeaux, France

August 30 - September 2, 2015

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Granta helps organizations to proactively manage their exposure to environmental, restricted substance, and similar risks from the early stages of the design process onwards. Our products draw on a unique database of the engineering, environmental, regulatory, and economic properties of materials. We provide tools to support design-for-compliance, for fast estimation of environmental impacts and risks, and to support materials decisions that minimize these risks. Join our talk in the scientific program to find out more.

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Paper Title:

Speaker: Dr Will Martin

Date: Tuesday, September 1 - 4pm

Location: Room Alpha


Leveraging IMDS to support environmental and risk analysis within the automotive supply chain

Traditional LCA often focuses on fence to fence analysis. Gathering data from suppliers is time consuming and costly, becoming exponentially more challenging when confronted with complex, multitier, and global supply chains which are common in industry today.

In the automotive sector though there is an existing source of data, the International Material Data System (IMDS), which could be leveraged to support this need to incorporate supplier data within the analysis of complex products.

IMDS is the most commonly used material reporting system within the automotive industry. 35 OEMs worldwide use IMDS to gather full Bill of Materials (BoM) information from their whole chain of supply to support regulatory compliance activities (e.g. REACH), and to calculate the recyclability of their vehicles (e.g. ELV Directive compliance).

In this report we present the results of a project carried out between Hewlett-Packard (HP, a world leading IT technology company, and provider of the IMDS system), and Granta Design (materials data management experts) to develop a software tool to use IMDS sourced data for environmental and risk analysis purposes.

The IMDS/Granta tool maps material information collected from IMDS using a bespoke algorithm to material records in Granta’s Material Universe (MU). MU is a Universe Dataset of close to 4,000 engineering materials combining mechanical, physical and engineering properties of materials with their Environmental, Critical Materials and Restricted Substance risk data. This enables the following types of analysis to be carried out on production parts reported in IMDS:

  • Eco Audits (embodied energy use and carbon footprint)
  • Analysis of Critical Materials risks such as price volatility and resource availability
  • Assessment of Restricted Substance risk e.g., risk of material obsolescence driven by regulatory actitivty

Additionally, the application of material substitution technology with MU’s combination of environmental and engineering data on materials enables meaningful material substitution strategies to be explored where significant risks or opportunities to reduce impact are uncovered.

This project is focused on automotive, but the findings are of practical value to anyone implementing LCM with technical challenges such as material mapping, and integration of environmental criteria into the product development process being addressed.