Altair Technology Conference Americas

Dearborn, MI, USA

May 5-7, 2015

Granta will be presenting the new MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh at the Altair Technology Conference in May. Find our booth in the exhibition, or attend our talk (details below).

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MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh

Granta talk

Title: Materials Gateway for HyperMesh – Enabling CAE to build on enterprise materials knowledge

Speaker: Dr Arthur Fairfull

Date: May 7

Session: Access to New Technology Breakout Session (3pm-4:20pm)


High quality, representative simulations need high quality, representative materials property data.  Obtaining this data is a challenge, especially for complex non-linear or high strain-rate analyses.  CAE and materials testing are often poorly-integrated with each other, and with the wider engineering software infrastructure.  This talk will introduce a collaboration of leading engineering enterprises (Material Data Management Consortium –, with members including Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed-Martin, NASA, and Rolls-Royce.  It will describe how this project has addressed the challenges of managing complex materials data, with case study examples of the benefits realised.  In particular, it will present new integrating technology that enables the data needed for simulation to be accessed from a central knowledge-base, directly from within the HyperMesh CAE pre-processor.


Developed under the guidance of the MDMC, the GRANTA MI data management technology enables companies to capture all of their materials data, analyze and manage that data, and deploy it to the engineers that need it in product design and simulation.  In-house data can be augmented by a wide range of reference information from authoritative materials data providers, handbooks, and Standards organizations.  The latest development provides a Materials Gateway module to access and apply this powerful resource from within HyperMesh.


HyperMesh users can now quickly access their in-house materials knowledge, and published materials reference data, assured that this data is approved for their use and up-to-date, and based on a proven system managing its lifecycle from laboratory test to run-ready simulation input card.  Individual users no longer need to spend hours looking for, and assessing, suitable information – while their organization benefits from the confidence and traceability of consistent information used across all simulation teams.