How to Choose Plastic Materials

Odense, Denmark

September 23, 2014


Granta is speaking at this event.

Dr Charlie Bream will be discussing how you can find the best material for your application. Using CES Selector, materials experts and product development teams can find, explore, and apply materials property data. This allows you to make better decisions in early-stage design, re-design, or material replacement; check for potential issues and build confidence in your materials choices; communicate your recommendations; and reduce turnaround time in answering materials-related questions and solving problems. Explore our website to find out how such rational material selection helped Tecumseh save 2 million Euros, or to discover why Honeywell Aerospace have been using CES Selector for over 15 years.

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Granta's Presentation

Granta Speaker: Dr Charlie Bream

Session: Theme: Tools, 10:10am

Title: Software to support material selections