SIMULIA Community Conference

Providence, RI, USA

May 19-22, 2014

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Granta is exhibiting and speaking at this event.

Granta Booth Number: 11

Granta be speaking at the SIMULA Community Conference. We will also be demonstrating some of our world-leading materials information management tools and reference data. Join us on booth 11 to see GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ for Abaqus/CAE. This capability integrates GRANTA MI™, the leading system for materials information management, with the Abaqus/CAE software, providing accurate, up-to-date, approved materials data for use in Abaqus simulations.

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Granta presentation

Granta Speaker: Debbie Mies

Tuesday, May 20, 2:20pm, Track 2

Materials Gateway 2.0 for Abaqus/CAE – Ensuring High Fidelity Materials Information in CAE

High quality and representative finite element simulations rely on high quality and representative materials information. But obtaining this information can be challenging and time-consuming – especially for more complex non-linear and high strain-rate analyses.  In today’s world where rapid access to authoritative data is expected, it is surprising how often CAE and materials testing are still operated as self-contained “islands” – not well integrated with each other, nor with the greater PLM infrastructure.

Leading engineering organizations worldwide have worked together in a pre-competitive industry and government collaboration (see to define best practice in materials data management.  The resulting software supports managed repositories of validated and approved data, together with the tools to provide enterprise access to end-users in Design and CAE, in the specific formats that they need.

Cambridge University spin-off and materials information technology pioneer Granta Design is the software contractor to the initiative.  This presentation introduces Granta’s Materials Gateway 2.0 for Abaqus/CAE, the access point for Abaqus users to their company’s “gold source” managed materials data – as well as to Granta’s comprehensive library of authoritative reference data on metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, and natural materials.

The presentation reviews how an industry standard enterprise materials information management system delivers high fidelity materials information traceably to CAE models from within Abaqus/CAE. It introduces new features that ensure previously imported models use the most current version of this information from a company's dynamic and growing repository.