NAFEMS Nordic Conference

Goteborg, Sweden

May 13-14, 2014

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Granta is speaking and exhibiting at this event.

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Granta Design, the materials information technology experts, provide a powerful materials information management system that allows enterprises to capture and manage all of their critical corporate materials data in a single place. For example, you can capture data from test machines and manage it alongside analyses and model parameters. Consolidate legacy, test, and simulation data for consistent material definitions and properties across disciplines, and instantly generate correctly formatted material cards.

The GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ technology means that those involved in design and simulation can access and apply this data directly from within their routine workflow, delivering

  • Direct access to valid materials data for CAE
  • Materials knowledge management for PLM
  • Materials assignment and selection guidance for CAD

Granta’s material property and material data management solutions improve quality, innovation, and efficiency, while reducing risk and cost.

Granta's Presentation

Granta Speaker: Dan Williams

Wednesday, May 14, 10:30am, Materials/ Methods, Room 1

Solution Data Management - The Materials Perspective

With ever-increasing application of ever more powerful simulation techniques, the emergence in recent years of approaches to manage simulation processes and data has been essential. One of the fundamental, yet often underestimated, components is the need for managed provision of suitably-validated materials property data. Typically the domain of materials specialists, it is notable that a number of recent materials data management implementations have been initiated and managed by simulation teams. These initiatives are driven by lack of validated and traceable material data, limited project time and pressure to reduce costs.

The Materials Data Management Consortium, a group of leading engineering enterprises and government agencies, has defined the overall materials data lifecycle and the best practices needed to support its key phases. Historically, from a CAE perspective, the maintenance aspect in particular has often been over-looked.

Of particular interest to the CAE community, of course, is the end result of the above process – the CAE materials model for the required material delivered in the appropriate proprietary “card” format for the chosen solver, with full traceability back to the source test data. This traceability also provides an important knowledge resource that can be re-used as technology advances.

Illustrated by the results of industry surveys, and implementation case studies, this presentation will report on the improvements and benefits realized by implementing effective management of materials information and CAE material model derivation. With the requirement for reproducibility leading to increasing use of automated model-derivation methods, the parallels of “lessons learned” between materials information management and overall simulation data management will also be explored.