Ankara, Turkey

September 24-27, 2014

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Onatus, Granta's partner will be exhibiting at this event.

Most engineering enterprises have problems storing their proprietary materials information. Information is not systematically captured, is scattered around the organization, and is hard to access. Similarly, valuable reference information such as metals handbook data is located in multiple sources and often not in a convenient digital format. As a result data is used inconsistently or lost, tests and analyses are duplicated, inaccuracies are introduced to the design process, and opportunities to optimize products are missed. It also becomes hard to apply data effectively in order to tackle key business problems, such as the need to support global manufacturing by identifying equivalent metals grades in different regions of the world. For metals, attempts to deal with these challenges can be hampered by the complex, specialist nature of property data such as the multi-dimensional graphs or mathematical models used to capture stress-strain behavior and its variance with, for example, temperature. Granta can help.

Meet Onatus to find out how Granta's solutions can help you:

  • Gain time currently spent finding and analyzing data
  • Avoid lost data and duplication of tests, re-use corporate knowledge
  • Get cost-effective, efficient multi-user access to essential metals reference data
  • Identify solutions to business-critical materials selection, substitution, and equivalency challenges
  • Control data—guarantee security, eliminate errors

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