Sao Paulo, Brazil

November 11-13, 2014

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Granta is speaking and exhibiting at this event.

Granta Booth Number: H4

Visit Granta's booth to find out how we help engineering organizations to manage, analyze, and apply critical data on materials and processes. We collaborate closely with these enterprises to develop tools and information resources that overcome the particular challenges of working with composite information. Using Granta software, you can manage and use composite information from testing, QA, research and design, allowing you to combine your proprietary composite data with trusted reference data (e.g., CMH-17, NCAMP, AGATE) and analysis tools (e.g., STAT-17). Engineers focused on lightweight design can make better decisions in product design and development, as well as predicting performance of novel materials and structures. Composite producers can analyze the materials market, compare products, identify opportunities, and present the benefits of their products. As a result, anyone who produces or uses composites can save time, avoid risk and wasted effort, and maximize return from composite knowledge.

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Granta's Presentation

Granta Speaker: Gustavo Olivella

Room 1, Tuesday, November 11th, 1:50pm

Understanding composite materials property data: why design data and finite element input data can vary so much

This paper presents the latest results for an ongoing research program of the Materials Data management Consortium (MDMC) focused on bridging the gap between design data created within materials and process groups and the input data required by the finite element community. The building block approach has long been practiced by advanced composite materials experts to meet demanding safety and performance specifications and has been widely accepted by the aerospace composites industry. However, the consumption of this data by the finite element community usually requires further data processing or testing in order to meet the specific needs of their software tools and element formulations. Guided by the Composites Subcommittee, including organizations such as Boeing, Eurocopter, Honeywell, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, RR, the MDMC has guided the development of tools and database schema to bridge the gap and generate fully traceable PMC, CMC and MMC design data and CAE input decks.

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