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May 2017
8-11 Siemens PLM Connection Americas,
Indianapolis, IN, USA
9-11 RAPID + TCT,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
11 Engineering Materials Live,
Birmingham, UK
11-13 Engineering Educational Regional Exhibition 2017,
Ilmenau, Germany
15-18 Science in the Age of Experience, Chicago, IL, USA
21-25 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2017), Ypsilanti, MI, USA
22-25 LiveWorx, Boston, MA, USA
23-25 Space Tech Expo,
Pasadena, CA, USA
2 CES Selector training (for users)
3 Materials data for simulation: when and where you need it
9 GRANTA MI training (for users)
10 CES EduPack training (for users)
16 Assessing restricted substance content in surface treatment specifications
17 Accessing an encyclopedia of medical materials and regulatory data
18 Mars lander heat-shield material selection (for educators)
24 Avoid restricted substances when screening materials
2 Key Strategies to Raise Your Materials IQ Workshop,
Lowell, MA, USA
3 Desafío de Selección de Materiales, Madrid, Spain
5 Atelier sur CES EduPack, Paris, France
10-11 French Seminar & User Meeting, Lyon, France
17-18 AutoMatIC Consortium
Kaiserslautern, Germany
26 CES EduPack Workshop, Toronto, Canada
June 2017
11-14 NAFEMS World Congress, Stockholm, Sweden
20-22 Rapid Tech, Erfurt, Germany
25-28 ASEE, Columbus, OH, USA
1 Projets et auto-apprentissage dans les cursus matériaux et mécanique (for educators)
7 Materials information – why it matters, and how to get it in Creo® and Windchill® (for users)
13 GRANTA MI training (for users)
14 CES EduPack training (for users)
28 ASEE Workshops, Columbus, OH, USA
July 2017
4 CES Selector training (for users)
11 GRANTA MI training (for users)
12 CES EduPack training (for users)
27 CES EduPack Short Course, Karlsruhe, Germany
August 2017
24-25 8th North American Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, MA, USA
23 CES EduPack Short Course, Cambridge, MA, USA

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