EMIT Meeting and Open Seminar: Location Information

March 19-21, 2012

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Finding us at Murray Edwards College

Please note, Murray Edwards College was previously known as "New Hall" and will still be referred to by this name in some guides and local signage.

Murray Edwards College
New Hall
Buckingham Road
University of Cambridge
CB3 0DF (but note alternative postcode for driving instructions below)

Find us as follows:

Monday, March 19 Open Seminar and Members Meeting Day 1 (Agenda)
Buckingham House Seminar Room—this is located immediately opposite the Murray Edwards College main entrance and Porters' Lodge across Buckingham Road (see map below). Registration opens at 9am.
Tuesday, March 20 Members Meeting Day 2 (Agenda)
Buckingham House Seminar Room—as above. Meeting begins at 8.30am.
Wednesday, March 21 Members Meeting Day 3 (Agenda)
Long Room—accessed through the Porters Lodge at the main entrance.
Meeting begins at 8am.

Murray Edwards College local map (c) Murray Edwards College

Driving and parking

For directions to the College, see the College website here 

If driving, you should access via the car park at the rear of the college:

  • Enter the car park from the rear of the college off Storeys Way—see the map above.
  • Do not use the main college post code for sat-nav systems—use CB3 0DR.
  • Note that Murray Edwards College was previously known as "New Hall" and the car park signage may still use the old name.
  • From the car park, walk through the college, following the signs to the Porters' Lodge.

On-site parking at Murray Edwards College is available to Seminar and EMIT Consortium attendees. You may use the car park overnight if you are staying in the college. Note, the car park is private and safe, but parking is at your own risk.

Access by public transport or on foot from the City Centre

The main entrance to Murray Edwards College is located on Buckingham Road, which is just off the main Huntingdon Road, a little under one mile to the north west of Cambridge City Centre.

From the rail station: Cambridge rail station is about 2 miles from the College—a 10-15 minute taxi-ride (although it may take longer at peak periods). For bus connections, take a bus to the city centre and connect to the Citi 5 or Citi 6 services, which pass by the college along Huntingdon Road.

From the bus station: Cambridge bus station is about 1.1 miles from the College, or a 5-10 minutes taxi-ride in clear traffic. You could also use the Citi 5 and Citi 6 buses, which pass by the college along Huntingdon Road.

More maps and detailed directions

Maps and directions at the Murray Edwards College website