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NEWSLETTER | Teaching Resources #3

Preparation for the new academic year  

NEW and UPDATED Resources

We have updated the lecture units, exercises, project files, eco audit files and databases on the Granta Teaching Resources Website to work with CES EduPack 2015. In particular the Process Universe-related lecture units have been updated to include the topic of additive manufacturing and the Eco Audit Tool resources support the use of the new cost estimation.

Lecture Unit 1: The Materials of Engineering   Paper: Material Risk and Corporate Sustainability   Project Files: CES EduPack 2015

See the latest resources on the Teaching Resources Website »

Open Development  

We develop CES EduPack in conjuction with the community of Materials Educators that use CES EduPack. If you would like to see what we are working on and give us some feedback, visit our development web pages. We are currently working on projects to create better resources for Materials Science and Engineering courses, including a functional materials database and a phase diagram tool. The other area of major development is products and materials - engaging Engineers and inspiring Designers by connecting products to the materials and processes used to create them. You can download prototype databases and try them out and tell us what you think.

Prototype databases »

You can also read more in the two papers below: 

  Bulk Functional Materials   Products and Materials Database

Training Sessions  

Webinars for educators using CES EduPack are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 4pm London time. These are designed as training events where you can ask questions and see directly how CES EduPack is used in teaching. Join us in September for "Getting Started with CES EduPack". Please encourage any colleagues new to CES EduPack this year to attend. CES EduPack is easy and intuitive to use. You don't need training, however, the video tutorials can help students get quickly up to speed. We offer Short Courses and Workshops at conferences and, if requested, at individual universities, that present a good opportunity to go in depth and to discuss with your colleagues how you think CES EduPack can best suit your teaching.

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CES EduPack   Something new   Join colleagues

Quick look at an aspect of CES EduPack here »


Take an hour to learn something new here »


Join colleagues to go in depth here »

CES EduPack and CES Selector: Tips and Tricks  

CES EduPack 2015 and CES Selector 2015 are now available. For further information please visit the Granta website or do not hesitate to contact the Granta Team directly.

Here are some tips for the software:

CES Tip Explore the economics of eco design: The enhanced Eco Audit Tool now includes monetary cost. Looking at cost and environmental factors side-by-side adds realism, helping to engage students and prepare them for industry. Traceability of reference data has also been improved. The Eco Audit Tool »
CES Tip Teach materials fundamentals: The Elements database now includes improved pictures of crystal structures. And two new "Teach yourself" guides on crystallography and phase diagrams can be accessed from within the CES EduPack help. The Elements database »
CES Tip Enhanced data exporters: Export up to 10 records at once to a wider range of CAD and FEA packages, ensuring reliable materials data for advanced simulation and modeling projects.

We are hiring! Do you want to join us?  

Granta is always looking for good people. At the moment the hunt is on for a Materials Education Consultant for Education and Research to join the Teaching Resources Team. Are you passionate about materials education? Think you can create outstanding teaching resources and support a network of educators all over the world with training? Do you want to influence the future development of CES EduPack?

  • If you have four or more years' work experience and a PhD in a relevant subject, apply here »
 Granta's Teaching Resource Team

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