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September 2015

Granta Design announces the release of CES Selector 2016

New CES Selector 2016: lower-cost, better-performing products

New cost model, extra materials data, enhanced charts

CES Selector™ 2016 is released this month, including an innovative tool to consider the cost implications of material and process choices, more extensive datasets, and more attractive and informative charts.

The new Part Cost Estimator™, the result of an industry collaboration, predicts the cost of a part for different material and processing scenarios. This saves time as well as cost, by focusing on the best choices early in conceptual design. Users can now also factor the effect of cross-sectional shape into material selection. New charting features help both analysis and subsequent presentation of the case for materials decisions.

Substantial data updates include: new data on long fiber composites and engineering polymers, aiding metal replacement studies; updated specialist metal and plastics modules; new process records for Additive Manufacturing; and a new data module covering Aerospace coatings.

Read more about What's New in CES Selector 2016 >

Join Dr Charlie Bream on Thursday, Sep 24, for a webinar on the Part Cost Estimator. Learn how it takes account of materials and shaping processes, see case studies that demonstrate how to rapidly assess performance against part cost to identify promising materials solutions.

Sign up for the Part Cost webinar (Sep 24) >

We are running an extra training session for users of CES Selector, highlighting new features and showing you how to use them. This repeats the session run on Sep 8 as part of our regular bi-monthly training. You will need to register, even if you are already signed up for the regular series.

Register for additional training webinar (Oct 1) >


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MI:Collaborate supports multi-partner research projects



See Granta at Composites Europe



Best ever enterprise materials information management doubles speed



Mastering Materials Information: seminars and user meetings



New data aids metal replacement studies



See MI:Materials Gateway at upcoming events



Latest update to ASM Medical Materials Database



Training and this edition's video tip



Full web seminar program announced



Upcoming events

View a recorded web seminar

2. MI:Collaborate supports multi-partner research projects

Software and service package ideal for inclusion in project proposals


GRANTA MI:Collaborate™ is a new cloud-hosted software package that makes it easy for multi-partner collaborative projects to develop, manage, and use materials knowledge. This package, launched in August, is based on Granta’s experience of partnering in many projects such as the European Union-funded AMAZE Additive Manufacturing project, or the HITEA industry consortium on replacing hazardous coatings in aerospace.

These projects typically require specialist materials property data to be shared between partners so they can aggregate data, analyze it, and benefit from the resulting combined knowledge. It can also be important to ensure value retention after the project by making data and results available to key stakeholders or the public. Such management of intellectual property is increasingly mandated by funding bodies.

Read a case study of the AMAZE project >

Read about MI:Collaborate >

3. See Granta at Composites Europe next week

Composites qualification tools

Granta will be at Composites Europe in Stuttgart next week (Sep 22-24) demonstrating the latest software for managing composite information and supporting composite qualification. Visit our booth if you need to:

  • Justify swapping to composites from other material systems (e.g., light alloys)
  • Characterize and qualify the new material you are going to use
  • Manage data acquired in studying the complex performance of composite materials

We'll be presenting case studies of the use of Granta technology in sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, and Wind Technology.

Visit our booth in Stuttgart next week >

4. Best ever enterprise materials information management doubles speed

Major performance and functional enhancements to GRANTA MI

Users of the GRANTA MI™ system for enterprise materials information management can access data twice as fast after major performance, deployment, and functional enhancements were introduced in July. There are ten-fold improvements in times to import typical large data sets, faster automatic linking data of imported data to related information, and more flexibility in controlling access for large user numbers via an in-built app.

These changes are an example of continuous improvement through customer collaboration. You can read more about this approach in our latest blog.

Read the blog >

5. Mastering Materials Information: seminars and user meetings

Opportunity to learn and network at three events in October

Granta tools

Join us at any of three events in October to:

  • Hear from users of Materials Information Technology in industry, including Pratt & Whitney, AWE, and Stryker
  • Learn about the benefits of mastering materials information and how key challenges are overcome
  • See practical case studies and demonstrations of the latest technology
  • Network with peers and get your questions answered.

Follow the links below for more details on our Northern Europe User Group Meeting and Open Seminar and two events in the US: a Seminar and User Meeting in Hartford, CT, and a Seminar in Chicago, IL.

  Oct 13 & 14 Seminar and N. Europe UGM, Daventry, UK
  Oct 27 Open Seminar and User Meeting, Hartford, CT
  Oct 29 Open Seminar, Chicago, IL

6. New data aids metal replacement studies

Plotting composite data in CES Selector

New materials property data in CES Selector enables more effective decision-making when considering the replacement of metals by long fiber composites or engineering polymers. The MaterialUniverse database, which covers engineering, environmental, and economic properties for over 3,500 generic types of metals, composites, plastics, and ceramics has been updated. It now has more records that cover: long fiber composites, lubricated grades, fiber-filled engineering polymers, and conductive grades.

Material selection and substitution tools allow engineers to find and assess the best candidate materials from the 'universe' of available engineering materials. The new data enables more detailed exploration of these classes of materials, which increasingly provide alternatives to metals in Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical Devices.

Read a case study >

7. See MI:Materials Gateway for CAD, CAE, and PLM at upcoming events

Visit us in Paris or Berlin next month

The latest version of MI:Materials Gateway™ (3.1) further enhances interoperability between Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) when accessing and applying materials data. The software will be demonstrated at two events in October—visit our booth to talk to our experts.

We will be exhibiting at the 8th European Altair Technology Conference in Paris, Sep 29-Oct 1, demonstrating direct access to materials data from within the HyperMesh software.

Meet us at Altair Europe, Paris >

We will also be exhibiting at the Siemens PLM Connection Europe event in Berlin, Oct 26-28. Granta works closely with Siemens PLM to provide materials support to users of NX and Teamcenter. For more information, or to arrange a meeting with us, follow the link below.

Meet us at Siemens PLM Connection, Berlin >

8. Latest update to ASM Medical Materials Database

The summer update of the ASM Medical Materials Database™ includes new device groups to cover urological devices and Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) devices. This release includes 25% of these devices, with the remainder scheduled to be included in the winter release. The devices have been linked to the materials, specific grades, coatings and drugs known to be used in them.

Five new materials have been added to the database—two new steels, one ceramic, one polymer, and one polymer composite. Data includes a summary of the engineering properties, the medical grades that are commercially available, biological response information linked to original peer reviewed sources, and links to approved medical devices in which the materials are used. The release also includes the addition of the latest FDA approved devices (510k and PMA) with links to associated materials, coatings and drugs.

More information on the database >

9. Training and video tip

Upcoming CES Selector and GRANTA MI training

Licensed users of the CES Selector and GRANTA MI software are welcome to join the free, bi-monthly online training sessions, held on the first Tuesday of each month. The next sessions are:

  Oct 1 Extra session, CES Selector training: What's New in CES Selector 2016?
  Oct 6 GRANTA MI training: Exporting data
  Nov 3 CES Selector training: Getting the most from the Find Similar tool

Sign up for CES Selector training >

Sign up for GRANTA MI training >

Video tip—filtering plastics based on known applications in CES Selector

In each Granta Material News we link to information that helps users to get more from Granta software. Here, watch an excerpt from a recent CES Selector training session that shows how to use the Prospector Plastics data set to filter plastics based on their known applications, in this case, finding those that have been used in Automotive instrument panels.

  Watch the video tips...  

Watch the video >

10. Full web seminar program announced

We have a wide-ranging series of free web seminars on topics related to materials information and materials engineering for engineering enterprises and university-level educators. Events relevant to industry and research are listed below.


  24 Estimating part cost during early stage design
  30 Research and development of materials with CES Selector (for academic researchers)


  8 Material selection and substitution for consumer products
  22 Accessing an encyclopaedia of materials data


  11 Werkstoff Information Interoperabilität mit PLM/CAD/CAE (German)
  12 Selezione dei materiali a sostegno della ricerca e sviluppo di nuovi prodotti (Italian)
  18 Selección y sustitución de materiales en I+D+i (Spanish)
  26 Materials data reduction analysis: supporting the generation of data for design and simulation


  2 GRANTA MI pour le bureau d'études
  3 Material selection and substitution for medical devices
  15 Controlled workflows for critical materials data
  16 Les étapes pour guider ses recherches en matériaux vers l’innovation (French)

11. Upcoming events

Meet us at these events, conferences, and workshops:


  19-24 EUROMAT, Warsaw, Poland
  22-24 Composites Europe, Stuttgart, Germany
  29-1 European Altair Technology Conference, Paris, France


  5-7 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T), Columbus, OH, USA
  11-14 World Resources Forum, Davos, Switzerland
  14-15 SIMULIA Regional User Meeting France, Paris, France
  19-20 International CAE Conference, Verona, Italy
  20-21 Additive Manufacturing Conference, Knoxville, TS, USA
  25-28 Siemens PLM Connection Europe, Berlin, Germany


  2-20 Disruptive Innovation Festival, open access, online event
  3-4 SIMULIA Regional User Meeting UK, Cheshire, UK
  4-5 Composites Meetings, Nantes, France

See the full list of upcoming events and seminars >

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