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Fall 2013

1. New CES Selector 2014 Cuts Time and Effort

Latest additions are M-Base plastics, UK and US steel Standards

The new CES Selector 2014 will be available next month.  CES Selector is a PC application that enables materials experts and product development teams to find and apply materials property data. An upgraded user interface helps users to find the materials data that they need faster, so that they can plot and compare properties and select the right material for an application. Enhanced tools for materials replacement and substitution mean that engineers can quickly identify and explore alternatives for an underperforming material, or one that has become obsolete or expensive. New and extended data makes it easier to match materials to applications and improves coverage of plastics, biopolymers, metals, and composites.

You can find out more on the new CES Selector website, or join one of these upcoming web seminars:

Date Event
Sep 25 Enabling Materials Decisions
with CES Selector 2014
Oct 2 Polymer Replacement and Substitution
with CES Selector 2014
Oct 8 Metals Equivalency in CES Selector 2014
Oct 16 Selecting Materials for Medical Applications
Oct 17 Research and Innovation for
Materials Development and Lightweight Design

Visit the New CES Selector Website 


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2. This Week: Honeywell on Managing Materials Data for Aerospace

At a webinar this Thursday, Sep 19, Doug Hall of Honeywell Aerospace will be the guest as we discuss ‘Managing and Using Materials Information in the Aerospace Industry’. Honeywell is a member of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), an aerospace industry collaboration that guides the development of new technologies and strategies for materials data management. A systematic approach to materials information enables the creation of fully-traceable design-allowable data and enables aerospace organizations to reduce lost data and duplicated tests, improve compliance with national and international regulations (for example, ITAR and restricted substances), and avoid risk due to out-dated or inconsistent information. Join us on Thursday to find out more and hear about the latest developments in the Consortium and its supporting software. You can also find out more about this topic by visiting Granta at the upcoming SAE AeroTech Congress.   Granta for aerospace

Web Seminar Details and Registration (Sep 19) 

SAE AeroTech Congress, Montreal, Canada (Sep 24-26) 

3. DePuy to Discuss Materials Data for Medical Applications

Good management and effective use of materials data is particularly important in the highly-regulated and safety-critical Medical Devices sector. How do organizations in this industry meet these requirements? Orthopaedic device manufacturer DePuy provides one example. One of their development engineers will be guest speaker at a web seminar next month, discussing their approach to materials data management, using the GRANTA MI system. The seminar will review best practice and answer your questions on how improving the organization and management of materials data can impact productivity and reduce time to market.

Web Seminar Details and Registration (Oct 3) 

Meet Granta at other Upcoming Conferences and Webinars 

4. Next Big Step for Materials Data in CAD, CAE, and PLM

The GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway technology is now the established method for saving time and ensuring traceability when you need materials data within CAD and CAE engineering software, or to support materials analysis and reporting in PLM. Users open a control panel within the host software system, search and browse their corporate materials database, assign materials and associated data for use within the host system, and run analyses. Throughout this process, they can be sure that the data is coming from a reliable source.   Granta for aerospace

The first generation of this technology provides off-the-shelf applications for Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER and Creo, NX, and Teamcenter. Now the second generation is on its way! Next month, Granta will announce details of MI:Materials Gateway 2.0, with a new, slicker user interface, version notification and control of assigned data, and enhanced integration and navigation features based on feedback from the Version 1 tools. Look out for us at these upcoming design, simulation, and PLM events:

Or join our web seminar demonstrating this latest step forward for materials data and applications in CAD, CAE, and PLM on Oct 30.

Web Seminar Details and Registration (Oct 30) 

5. Virtual Engineering in the Automotive Industry

Granta has attended a number of recent conferences where the topic of materials data to support simulation in the automotive industry has been a hot one. It seems that the wealth of new and evolving data on high strength steels, lightweight alloys and composites, combined with the complexity and interdependency of simulation disciplines (crash, fatigue, NVH, forming, composite modeling, etc.) means that engineers have to deal with an explosion of information.  The question is, how can automotive companies turn this to their advantage, and ensure a faster CAE process with more confidence in the results? Granta aims to help by supporting a consistent, traceable approach to materials information management, removing risk and complexity from the CAE process.  But we’d love to hear your comments and questions on this topic when we discuss it in a web seminar on Oct 15.   supporting virtual engineering in the automotive industry

Web Seminar Details and Registration (Oct 15) 

6. New Phase of Composites Data Management Project

The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) held its 22nd Meeting at Sandia National Labs last month. Among many other actions, members agreed to start a second phase of the Consortium’s Composites Sub-Committee.  The first phase of this Committee, bringing together a number of leading aerospace, defense, and energy organizations, analyzed the requirements for effective management of the complex property and processing data associated with composites, and guided Granta in developing a database system to meet these needs. The GRANTA MI:Composites solution has been in extensive use at a number of member organizations, and this second phase of the Sub-Committee will now apply this experience to advise on further enhancements to the system.  You can download a Technical Paper, or see GRANTA MI at the following upcoming composites events:

7. MI-21 and ESDU MMDH Releases Extend Metals Coverage

New releases of two key metals reference sources are now available for users of the GRANTA MI or CES Selector software.

ESDU Metallic Materials Data Handbook (MMDH) is the preeminent European source of design strength data for aerospace alloys. The updated Granta data module is based on the current MMDH Supplement 47, adding 11 new specifications and updating existing records. New data relates to Al alloys, corrosion-resisting steels, and heat-resisting alloys. Other amendments make it simpler to browse the database by material name and characteristics and to assess data quality.  
A Corrosion Resisting Steel in EDSU MMDH

MI-21 is a comprehensive reference covering metals specifications, standards, trade literature, and datasheets and data on joining and surface treatment consumables. The latest release extends coverage to nearly 60,000 materials and makes some key enhancements based on user feedback. It’s now much easier to restrict searches to specific parts of the database, so that you can zero-in on the metal or consumable data that you need. And every alloy or consumable now has a ‘status’ attribute, so that you can distinguish more easily between current standards and those that have been withdrawn or superseded.  MI-21 is a great resource for metals equivalency—find data on an obsolete standard and quickly identify current standards with a similar property profile.

Read More on Metals Data 

8. On the blog & social media

On the blog, in the second of his series on under-appreciated materials, Prof Mike Ashby reflects on the unhappy reputation of asphalt, a material which, nevertheless, we use on a larger scale that almost any other.

Visit the blog 

Or you could watch ‘Granta, The Movie’. Visit our YouTube channel for a new 5-minute overview of Granta Design and our work in materials information technology, or a short introduction to the CES Selector software. Sign up for notifications of more videos.

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9. UK Seminar and Northern Europe User Group Meeting (Oct 23-24)

Join us at the Marriott Forest of Arden, near Birmingham, England, for an Open Seminar addressing materials information challenges in industry. The event will be of interest to any industrial materials scientist or materials engineer, and to engineers and managers in areas related to materials. These include: product development, the supply chain, quality, purchasing, warranty, and teams focused on environmental objectives. You will hear case studies from industry, see the latest materials information technology, and get the chance to discuss your issues with peers in leading engineering enterprises.

Following the Open Seminar, users of the GRANTA MI or CES Selector software are invited to the Granta Northern Europe User Group Meeting. This will provide opportunities for training, sharing experiences with other users, learning about the latest developments and planned enhancements, and providing your feedback and input to the Granta development team.

Full Event Details and Registration (Oct 23-24) 

10. Upcoming web seminars

Join Granta's guest speakers and in-house experts for short (hour-long) web seminars, without cost, as they discuss materials information technology for a wide range of industries:

Full List of Granta Web Seminars 

11. Upcoming events

Meet us at this Fall's events, conferences, and workshops:

Full List of Upcoming Events and Seminars 

12. Hints and tips

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software. This month's tip shows a four minute clip from our most recent CES Selector training webinar. Here, Dr. Charlie Bream demonstrates the new homepages available in CES Selector 2014. These make it easy to see what data is available, and to navigate straight to the information you need. In the same way, the homepage of each database contains a high level overview describing the data and how it links to other available information. Watch the video to see an example from the MI-21 database:

  watch the video tip  

Watch the video 

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