Granta Material News - The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.

Granta Material News—September 2012

The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.


1. New! CES Selector 2013: now available Top
CES Selector™ 2013 is the new version of the PC-based software for materials decision support.   CES Selector 2013 offers particularly exciting advances for applications relating to metals, lightweight design, and environmental design.

This release provides a range of improvements for every CES Selector user, with particularly exciting advances for applications relating to metals, lightweight design, and environmental design.

New features include: a new 'find similar' tool for identifying potential replacement materials, new data and tools to address global metals equivalency, extended coverage of materials for lightweighting, new Hybrid Synthesizer™ models to support the study of sandwich panels and other hybrid materials, and improved Eco Audit™, making it easy to compare the environmental impact of alternative designs.

Customers with a maintenance license will receive their download instructions during early October.

Read about what's new in the latest release 

Web seminar series

Find out how the latest release can benefit you by joining any of these short online sessions:

  • Metals Equivalency and New Reference Data (Sept 25)
  • Polymer Replacement and Substitution (Sept 27)
  • Eco Design: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into Design (Oct 11)
    with Guest Speaker Leigh Holloway, of Eco3 Design
  • Research and Innovation for Materials and Lightweight Design (Oct 17)

Agendas, timings, and registration 

2. Focus on metals Top

New NIMS data module for energy and processing plant applications

Data from decades of continuous metals testing at Japan's National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) is now available to all, following a collaboration between Granta and NIMS. Those involved in the design, maintenance, and overhaul of, for example, power stations and processing plants, can now access raw creep rupture measurements and fatigue data covering many steels and alloys through the GRANTA MI™ software.

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View the datasheet 

GRANTA MI metals data updates

In addition to the new NIMS data, updated versions of several other key metals references are now available for easy web browser-based access via GRANTA MI.  The MMPDS aerospace alloy data is updated to the MMPDS-06 version—its 2,611 datasheets include new records on precipitation-hardened stainless steel, alpha-beta titanium alloys, and aluminium-beryllium hybrid alloys.  The ASME BPV Code data on the metals used in boilers, pressure vessels, and power plant components has been updated to include the latest information on design stress and other properties. You can also access new StahlDat SX data (from the Register of European Steels) and the latest information from MI-21 (World Metal Index and The Welding Institute)—more on these datasets in the next item.

Granta's metals data series 

New CES Metal Selector

The new CES Metal Selector™, released with CES Selector 2013, combines the core data and analysis capabilities of CES Selector with two specialist datasets, helping engineers and materials experts who need detailed information on metals specifications and designations. The StahlDat SX module provides the complete Register of European Steels (the 'Stahl-Eisen-Liste'). The MI-21 data consists of specifications, standards, trade literature, and datasheets from the World Metals Index (WMI), plus data on metal joining and surface treatment consumables from The Welding Institute (TWI). These specialist data sources are now linked to the comprehensive MaterialUniverse data, simplifying the step from broad-based comparisons to identifying purchasable steel grades. Find out more at the web seminar on metals equivalency and new reference data on September 25.

More on CES Metal Selector 

Web seminar details and registration (Sep 25) 

Web seminar: Making sense of powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy can provide a cost-effective solution for high volume components, whether your goal is increased engineering performance, part complexity, or reducing cost, weight, or environmental impact. A web seminar on October 30 will discuss this technology, featuring Jonathan Wroe from the European Powder Metallurgy Association. The web seminar will also showcase the upcoming release of the Global Powder Metallurgy Database within the GRANTA MI™ software, with case studies in powder metal selection and test data management.  
This web seminar will showcase the upcoming new release of the Global Powder Metallurgy Database

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Web seminar details and registration (Oct 30) 

3. Optimizing lightweight design Top

Granta's new guide on "Vehicle emissions reduction and lightweighting"

The legal requirements of exhaust emissions and fuel economy, as well as growing consumer demand for more efficient vehicles, are causing a step change in the way automotive companies think about engineering and materials. With these changes come new requirements and challenges, particularly on the way that materials information flows within and between automotive organizations. To find out more about how leading organizations are responding to these challenges pre-order your copy of Granta's upcoming guide.

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Web seminar: Research & innovation for materials & lightweight design

The challenge of choosing and developing the right materials for lightweight design is a key focus of the new CES Selector 2013. Increased coverage of materials used in lightweight design, the new 'find similar' tools, and new models for the Hybrid Synthesizer all help in identifying and developing materials to reduce emissions and meet regulations. Find out more at a web seminar on October 17.

Web seminar details and registration (Oct 17) 

4. Coatings data: latest developments Top

Support for Oil & Gas, and beyond…

Whether you are considering the best options to enhance corrosion resistance or assessing the impact of increasing restricted substance regulation, you may need access to authoritative information about coatings. The new release of Granta's Coatings Data Module extends its coverage to include coatings typically used in the Oil & Gas sector. The data now covers over 140 coatings of different types, including: anodizing, corrosion inhibitor, conversion, CVD, electro/electroless plate, heat treat, PVD, and thermal spray. The module is available for use with the GRANTA MI™ software, making the coating information quick and easy to browse, search, and apply.

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Web seminar: Coatings, surface treatment specifications, and regulatory challenges

On November 7, Guest speaker Keith Legg from Rowan Technology will discuss the rapid increase in regulation impacting coatings use worldwide, and the work his team undertakes for the US Department of Defense to meet the challenges presented by this rapidly-changing situation. Granta will demonstrate the use of coatings data, developed with Rowan Technology, to anticipate and respond to such challenges.

Web seminar details and registration (Nov 7) 

5. Granta signs software license agreement with UTC Top

Granta recently announced a new master software license agreement with United Technologies Corp. (UTC), providers of high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building systems industries. UTC divisions, including Hamilton Sundstrand (now part of UTC Aerospace Systems) and Carrier (part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security), have started applying Granta software. This is one example of the growing use of materials information technology amongst leaders across a wide range of industries.

Read the press release here 

Read a list of materials information technology users 

6. New! MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench Top

Access to approved materials data from within engineers' daily-use CAD and CAE tools is a high priority for engineering organizations, and is driving an intense release schedule for Granta's MI:Materials Gateway products. Hot on the heels of this summer’s integration with Siemens NX, Granta has announced the new GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ for ANSYS Workbench.  In managing the process of building CAE models, the ANSYS Workbench platform enables users to model their simulation project workflow schematically. GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway can be launched from any of these simulation projects, connecting to the relevant in-house or Granta-supplied materials databases as required (pictured).

  GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway can be launched from ANSYS Workbench simulation projects, connecting to the relevant in-house or Granta-supplied materials databases as required  

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench 

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Siemens NX 

A busy October for Granta at Integration events

Granta is participating at a number of CAD, CAE, or PLM events in October.  First is our annual participation in the Eye on Technology at the PLM Roadmap conference in Detroit.  Then see the latest MI:Materials Gateway for Abaqus/CAE at the SIMULIA France Regional Users Meeting.  Finally, see NX and ANSYS Workbench integrations at two back-to-back meetings—the Siemens PLM Connection (Europe) event in Austria, followed by the ANSYS Conference & 30th CADFEM Users' Meeting 2012, Kassel, Germany.  Phew!

Granta for engineering design: upcoming events 

7. MDMC meets at Rolls-Royce Top

Integrating materials data management tools with CAE and CAD software was also a major talking-point when the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) met at Rolls-Royce Indianapolis in August. The MDMC is a collaboration of leading aerospace, defense, and energy enterprises that helps to establish best practice in material data management and guide development of the GRANTA MI™ software system. Members also reviewed the upcoming GRANTA MI Version 6—look out for more information in the next eNews.

The next MDMC meeting is at Lockheed Martin in Florida in January.   Materials Data Management Consortium (logo)
Read the MDMC news pages 

8. Restricted substances—obsolescence risk analysis Top

Understanding your exposure to legislation and standards that may restrict substances used in manufacturing your products is critical. The latest release of Granta's Restricted Substances Data Module includes 'Where Used Data' for the SIN ('Substitute it Now!') List 2.0, a list of materials that may become restricted, as well as the December 2011 REACH Candidate List update and 'Recommendation for Authorization'. 'Where Used Data' provides guidance on where in your products or processes you are likely to find these substances. Additional indicators highlight substances prioritized for further regulation under REACH, and a new Obsolescence Risk report supports risk analysis workflows by revealing SIN list substances associated with an assembly both within the part and used in its manufacture. You can see the latest data, and join discussions on how to handle restricted substances, at the upcoming seminar in Columbus, OH (below).
Granta for Restricted Substances

The GRANTA MI:Restricted Substance package 

9. Environmental design Top

Green is the new gold

Companies are increasingly developing a more rounded business case for 'green' product development, concentrating on cost and revenue benefits as well as sustainability. On the blog this month, Granta's Dr Jamie O'Hare writes about a growing focus on hard numbers that is also driving companies towards a more systematic, rational approach to eco design.   Visit Granta's Blog

Visit Granta's Blog 

Web Seminars: eco design case study and ISO 14001/6

Applying eco design tools and principles during the crucial early stages of design has allowed Leigh Holloway (director and co-founder of Eco3 Design) to identify significant eco design opportunities and cost savings of over £50 million for his clients. Join him online on Wednesday, October 11, together with Granta's Dr Jamie O'Hare, to hear discussion of these environmental and business benefits and see Granta's solutions for eco design, including the latest features in CES Selector 2013.

Web seminar details and registration (Oct 11) 

On November 8, Dr O'Hare will be joined by Vic Clements from The Centre for Sustainable Design, member of the ISO working group TC207/SC1 WG4 responsible for developing the ISO14006 standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). They will discuss why companies need to consider the environmental impacts of the products they produce as part of an ISO 14001 EMS, and how to obtain the necessary buy-in from product design and engineering teams.

Web seminar details and registration (Nov 8) 

10. More help with medical materials choices Top

Medical Materials Database goes global
It can be hard to find authoritative data that supports the approval process for medical devices in different geographic regions. By including new information covering regulatory bodies in Europe, Canada, and Australia (in addition to existing coverage of the US FDA) the Fall release of the Medical Materials Database has increased its global relevance. Enhanced FDA Recalls Data and medical device approvals (510k and PMA), together with new information on the suitability of different processing techniques for particular materials, helps you to make more informed materials and process choices, and to justify these during certification.   The Fall release of the Medical Materials Database has increased its global relevance.

More on the Medical Materials Database 

Medical material selection and substitution

With the release of CES Medical Selector 2013, new 'find similar' tools and enhanced usability are added to existing medical materials data and graphical selection methods, helping you make informed and rational materials choices, both during initial design and later substitutions.

More on CES Medical Selector 

Read more on the latest updates 

11. Seminars Top

Seminar: Restricted Substances, Materials Data, and Eco Design, Columbus, OH (Oct 3)

On Wednesday, October 3, join members of the EMIT Consortium, including Honeywell and Emerson Electric (now confirmed as seminar speakers), to hear how you can consider environmental regulations and eco objectives in your design and engineering processes. This event immediately precedes the 9th EMIT Consortium meeting.   EMIT: developing software tools and information resources that embed eco design and consideration of environmental regulations into everyday engineering workflows

Agenda and free registration 

Seminars: Materials Information Technology in Industry, UK, and Texas

Date Location More information
Nov 21 Ascot, UK Agenda 
Dec 6 Houston, TX Agenda 

These two upcoming Open Seminars will address materials information challenges in industry. Materials scientists, engineers, and managers in areas related to materials (e.g., product development, the supply chain, quality, purchasing, warranty, and teams focused on environmental objectives) will hear case study presentations from leading engineering enterprises, see demonstrations, get their questions answered, and network with colleagues with similar interests. The seminars will be of relevance to industries including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defense, Energy, Industrial & Consumer Equipment, Chemicals, and Materials Production.

Granta's seminars and workshops 

European User Groups

Following the UK Open Seminar, users of the GRANTA MI™ or CES Selector™ software are invited to Granta’s Northern Europe User Group Meeting (covering the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Scandinavia) on November 21-22. This will provide opportunities for training, sharing experiences with other users, learning about the latest developments and planned enhancements, and providing your feedback and input to the Granta development team. Look out for announcements on user group meetings for France and for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the next eNews.

UK event: agenda and free registration (Nov 21-22) 

12. Events—training, conferences, and web seminars Top

All users of either GRANTA MI™ or CES Selector™ are entitled to join (at no additional cost) regular online training sessions. This is your training, so if there are topics which would be of particular interest please let us know: we’re about to put together the schedule for the next six months.

CES Selector training: Nov 6—'Polymer selection & replacement' demonstrating the new 'find similar' tool in CES Selector 2013

More details and registration 

  CES Selector 2013

Online GRANTA MI training: Oct 2—'Getting the most from MI:Substitute™'
What if you could: turn materials substitution projects from a trauma into an opportunity; minimize disruption to production due to the need to substitute materials; and find a quick way to identify alternative and equivalent materials in different countries?

More details and registration 

  Granta's team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions

Web seminars

Granta web seminars are open to all. Many web seminars have been mentioned in this newsletter: for a complete list, please visit our website.

Conferences and seminars
These are the events over the next few months: for a complete list, and for more details, please visit our website.

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