Granta Material News - The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.

Granta Material News—September 2011

The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.


1. New: GRANTA MI Version 5 Top

GRANTA MI Version 5 helps you to take control
The latest release of Granta's materials information management system is coming soon! GRANTA MI customers should look out for download instructions during October.

New developments help engineering organizations take control of materials information and decisions:

  • For materials data management: Version 5 helps materials and process teams to control and deploy corporate materials information, with streamlined management and browsing of complex materials data. Read more below 
  • For materials decision support: Designers and engineers get tools that help to control materials cost and performance, including a new software module supporting materials substitution. Read more below 
  • For engineering design and simulation: Control the quality of the data used in CAD and CAE software and reduce the time needed to find it, with enhanced access to managed materials data from within Pro/ENGINEER, Abaqus/CAE, and in-house design applications. Read more below 
  • For eco design and regulations: Control the environmental impact of products, with new tools to assess and manage restricted substance risk and the first introduction of software for eco assessment during design. Read more below 

Read about GRANTA MI Version 5 on our website 

Want to find out more? See it in action!
Join one of the upcoming web seminars or the next regular GRANTA MI training session in October.

More details on GRANTA MI training (Oct 4) 

2. New: CES Selector 2012 Top

Helping your response to cost, supply, and environmental issues

CES Selector 2012 is the new release of Granta's PC software application providing advanced graphical analysis of materials data, together with specialist eco design and modeling tools, in support of materials selection and substitution decisions.

  CES Selector 2012

This year, new features make it quicker and easier to compare the properties of multiple materials. Tabular comparisons of materials data (below) mean engineering, economic, and environmental properties can be reviewed relative to a user-defined reference material, with key differences highlighted. Together with graphical enhancements in the materials property charts, this makes it much simpler to identify, study, and compare candidates for replacing a material and to avoid potential pitfalls in materials substitution projects.

The new release extends the CES Selector eco design tools and adds new information resources that will be of particular interest to users of steels and continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites.

Read about CES Selector 2012 on our website 

  Engineering, economic, and environmental properties can be reviewed relative to a user-defined reference material, with key differences highlighted.

Web Seminars & Training: register online to reserve your place (without cost)

Date Event More information
(from Sep 22)
Introduction to CES Selector
(English, German, and Spanish)
Details and Registration 
Tues, Oct 25 Materials Selection for Medical Devices Details and Registration 
Tues, Nov 1 CES Selector Training: Development and optimization of materials and structures Details and Registration 
(for existing customers)

3. Materials Substitution Top

New module turns the challenge of substitution to your advantage
Manufacturing organizations can't use the same material forever. Prices fluctuate, design requirements change, and new regulations render current materials obsolete. Supply chain disruptions (increasingly common in globalized manufacturing environments and with problems of resource scarcity and security) mean that dual sourcing and other risk mitigation initiatives are a priority. Whatever the cause, substitution can be a difficult and costly exercise—and carries with it a significant risk that the replacement material may not perform adequately in all applications.

GRANTA MI:Substitute is a new software tool for guiding materials substitution using corporate materials knowledge together with unique reference data. It helps users to identify and rank candidate substitutes, to review and understand the implications of substitution, and to deploy the results to designers and engineers.


Read about GRANTA MI:Substitute on our website 

Web Seminar on Wednesday, November 16
See how this new tool can turn material substitution projects from a trauma into an opportunity.

More details and web seminar registration (Nov 16) 

4. Restricted Substances Top

Version 5 supports materials and process specification documents and Article 33 reporting
GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances supports strategic decision-making about restricted substances, taking full account of complex performance, compliance, regulatory, and risk factors. New developments in Version 5 mean in-house material and process specifications can now be linked to materials, their restricted substance content, and the legislation that impacts those substances. The impact of legislation changes on these specifications can be quickly and easily analyzed. Granta reference data can also be combined with corporate materials data to easily generate reports on substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in accordance with Article 33 REACH regulations. These enhancements, along with improvements to the user interface, have been driven by the EMIT Consortium.

Read about GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances 

Three ways to find out more: join us at upcoming Web Seminars and Conferences

Date Event More information
Thurs, Oct 6 Web Seminar: Restricted Substances in Aerospace Details & Registration 
Mon, Oct 31 Web Seminar: Materials Data and Restricted Substances in Pro/ENGINEER Details & Registration 
Oct 18-21 Hear Granta's Restricted Substance experts speak at SAE 2011 AeroTech Congress More Details 
Toulouse, France

5. Eco Design & Sustainability Top

Bringing sustainability considerations into mainstream design: Report and Web Seminar
At the recent Life Cycle Management conference in Berlin, Granta's Dr Jamie O'Hare explained how environmental sustainability is fast becoming a mainstream design activity: we need a new generation of tools that can be used by designers and engineers, even without expertise in environmental sustainability issues.  On Wednesday, November 2, join him and Leigh Holloway, co-founder of Eco3 Design (one of the UK's leading environmental and innovation consultancies), to hear about the environmental and business benefits achieved by applying eco design tools and principles during the early stages of design. These case studies draw on the many projects completed in the last four years that have identified significant eco design opportunities and cost savings of over £50 million for clients.

More details and web seminar registration (Nov 2) 

Web Seminar on October 18 demonstrates Eco Materials Adviser (Full Version)
Giving CAD users direct access to the environmental and cost implications of every decision helps bring sustainability into mainstream design. Working within Autodesk Inventor, the Eco Materials Adviser software tool enables users to explore, interactively, the effect of changes in the materials choice or design of their digital prototype. The Full Version, available soon from Granta, will add additional capabilities to the version already integrated into Autodesk Inventor—more details on the product website. See it in action on Tuesday, October 18.

More details and web seminar registration (Oct 18) 

More on the Full Version of Eco Materials Adviser 
  The easy-to-read  dashboard display in Eco Materials Advisershows key indicators such   as energy usage, CO2  footprint, water usage, and materials   cost

6. Materials data management Top

MDMC reviews Version 5 for data management, discusses deploying data for design
GRANTA MI Version 5 offers a number of features to help administrators and users of corporate materials databases. These include: enhanced tools to import, export, and manipulate materials data; improved handling of functional data; an upgraded user interface; and new admin capabilities. These were well-received when a pre-release version was demonstrated at August's Materials Data Management Consortium (MDMC) Meeting at Los Alamos National Laboratories. The MDMC, a collaborative project involving many top aerospace, defense, and energy enterprises, helps to guide development of GRANTA MI—it has driven many of the new developments. Another key theme at the meeting was the need to deploy the materials information stored in mature materials data management systems to the designers and others that need to use it. The Consortium started an initiative to ensure greater involvement of the design community at future MDMC meetings, feeding into the development of the MI:Materials Gateway technology (see item 7).

Read about What's New in Version 5 on our website 

More details on the MDMC 

SAE 2011 AeroTech Congress—Toulouse, Oct 18-21
Granta's Dr Will Marsden will be speaking at this year's AeroTech Congress on the subject of materials data management and the work of the MDMC. Why not make an appointment to meet him afterwards on the booth, to discuss your specific needs?

More details and appointment request (Oct 18-21) 

7. Engineering Design & Simulation Top

Web Seminar: 'Empowering Design and Simulation with Certified Materials Information'
For optimum design decisions, designers and simulation engineers need access to an ever more complex and diverse range of information on materials. How can they be sure to have made the best choice? How can they be sure the data used in a simulation correctly represents the material used in manufacture?

There are clear productivity gains and consistency improvements if engineers can quickly and easily apply approved, accurate, and up-to-date corporate materials knowledge directly within CAD and CAE packages. MI:Materials Gateway provides this integration, along with analytical and reporting tools to help inform materials decisions. To find out more, anyone involved in materials data management, engineering design, or simulation is welcome at our web seminar on Thursday, November 10, where you will see examples of how this software is being used with both CAD systems (e.g., Pro/ENGINEER) and CAE software (e.g., Abaqus/CAE), and the resulting benefits.

More details and web seminar registration (Nov 10) 

CPDA PLM Road Map, Detroit—Oct 4-5
Granta's Dr Arthur Fairfull will present the materials perspective in the panel on "Challenges of distributed data", in the Simulation track on October 5, supported by a Granta booth at the Eye on Technology exhibition. Why not combine attending this with participation in Granta's Automotive Materials Strategy Workshop at the same venue the following day?

More details (Oct 4-5) 

8. Composites & Wind Energy Top

Granta and Firehole empower composite design decisions
A new collaboration with Firehole Composites makes their extensive composites data available for both CES Selector 2012 and GRANTA MI Version 5. This includes data covering over 300 continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades drawn from manufacturers, leading testing labs, and research institutions. Applying Granta's tools to this data will make it easy for designers and engineers to find the composite data that they need and to gain an understanding of composite systems. Integration with Granta's complete range of materials information means that users will be able to quickly and easily compare composites with traditional materials, helping them to choose the right materials and to find replacements for materials that they have difficulty sourcing.

Read the Press Release here 

Composites Europe—Stuttgart, Sep 27-29
Granta's latest software for composite data management, materials selection, and composite modeling will be demonstrated at Composites Europe: why not make an appointment to meet Granta experts and discuss your specific needs?

More details and appointment request (Sep 27-29) 

Suzlon to speak at Web Seminar on Composite Materials Challenges for Wind Turbines
Test and design data relating to composites are crucial to optimize turbine blade design and other key components used in wind turbine applications. Composites data can be complex, and difficult to manage and use, but GRANTA MI Version 5 can help you take control. On Wednesday, October 19, join Granta experts and our guest speaker, Solveig Dissing from Suzlon Wind – Denmark, who will give us his insights on the challenges of managing the materials data workflow: from test machine to data analysis, and use in CAD, CAE, and other engineering applications.

More details and web seminar registration (Oct 19) 

9. Medical Top

New online subscriptions to Human Biological Materials data on show at MD&M Conference

Orthopaedic device designers attending next week's MD&M MidWest Conference (Chicago, Sep 20–22) will be able to see a demonstration of the new Human Biological Materials (HBM) data module—now available for online subscription through ASM's Medical Materials, as well as within GRANTA MI. This unique resource of mechanical property data for specific bones provides: quick, searchable access to the necessary data; help understanding the effects of patient age on device design; support for simulations with accurate property data from a traceable source; and access to consistent data across the whole design team. Why not make an appointment to meet Granta experts at MD&M and discuss your needs?   New online subscriptions are avaialble for the Human Biological Materials data module

MD&M conference details and appointment request 

Guest speakers offer insights in upcoming medical web seminar series
Join Granta's Dr Sarah Egan online on September 27, when she will be demonstrating the new HBM resources. Find out more on our website, as well as details of more medical web seminars in the current series, including a guest speaker from Ethicon Endo-Surgery.

More details and medical web seminar registration 

10. Materials Producers Top

Guest speaker from Constellium at 'Developing and Positioning New Materials' Web Seminar
The materials industry has never been more competitive. Margins are tight, customer requirements are increasingly demanding, and materials are being pushed to the limits of their performance. To find out more about how leading materials producers are using materials information to face these challenges, join Granta experts and our guest speaker, Dr Yves Conde, Innovation Project Manager at Constellium (Formerly Alcan Engineered Products), on Thursday, November 3.

More details and web seminar registration (Nov 3) 

11. Granta Seminars and Workshops Top

Automotive Materials Strategy Workshop, October 6, Plymouth (near Detroit), MI
The pressure to cut automobile weight and cost—and to streamline engineering processes in the wake of reorganizations and cutbacks—has never been more intense. Materials innovations in high strength steels, composites, and lightweight alloys may provide the answer. But inappropriate material substitutions could compromise design requirements and lead to expensive re-tooling or even product recalls. This focused workshop will address these challenges: find out more and register (without cost) on our website.

More details and workshop registration (Oct 6) 

Materials Information Technology in Industry, November 30, Birmingham, UK
Granta's "Materials Information Technology in Industry" seminar will be held in Birmingham this November. The seminar is ideal for materials engineers, materials scientists, senior managers with responsibility for product development and engineering, or managers with an interest in how effective use of materials information could help in the supply chain or in environmental product stewardship. Hear case study presentations from leading engineering enterprises, see demonstrations, get your questions answered, and network with other engineers and managers with similar interests. Find out more and register (without cost) on our website.

More details and workshop registration (Nov 30) 

12. Events—upcoming web seminars Top

Granta web seminars are open to all, with no cost, but pre-registration is required.

Date Event
from Sep 22
Introduction to CES Selector (English, German, and Spanish)
Sep 27 Accessing and Using Data Human Biological Materials
Oct 6 Restricted Substances in Aerospace
Oct 18 Eco Materials Adviser: Environmental Assessment and Eco Design in CAD
Oct 19 Composite Materials Challenges for Wind Turbines
Oct 25 Materials Selection for Medical Devices
Oct 31 Materials Data and Restricted Substances in Pro/ENGINEER
Nov 2 Eco Design: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into Design
Nov 3 Developing and Positioning New Materials
Nov 9 Managing Critical Materials Data in Medical Device Development
Nov 10 Empowering Design and Simulation with Certified Materials Information
Nov 16 Materials Substitution

13. Events—upcoming conferences Top

Join Granta at these upcoming global events. For events in Nov & Dec, visit our website.

Date Event Location
Sep 14–16 SAMPE Europe Technical Conference (SETEC) Leiden, The Netherlands
Sep 20–22 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Chicago, IL
Sep 27–29 Composites Europe Stuttgart, Germany
Sep 28–29 OrthoTec Europe Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 4 Sirris Materials Day Ghent, Belgium
Oct 4 Sustainable Material Selection, Material Data Management and Eco Design Vienna, Austria
Oct 4–5 PLM Road Map Detroit, MI
Oct 12–13 Aerospace Days Paris, France
Oct 16–21 ANSYS Conference & CADFEM Users Meeting Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 18–21 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition Toulouse, France
Oct 18–19 SIMULIA France Regional Users Meeting Vélizy - Villacoublay, France
Oct 16–20 MS&T'11 Columbus, OH
Oct 24–25 Sustainable Innovation Farnham, UK
Oct 25–28 MMPDS Industrial Steering Group Fall Meeting Long Beach, CA

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