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Winter 2015

GRANTA MI Version 9 coming soon

GRANTA MI Version 9fastest, most enterprise-ready version yet

Out in December, GRANTA MI Version 9 will make it easier than ever to integrate 'material intelligence' across your enterprise, enabling you to get more from strategic, valuable corporate materials knowledge.

This new version rolls-up enhancements made over the last 12 months to Granta's leading system for materials information management, and adds more. Highlights will include:

  • Enabling new controlled workflows for data entry and data requests
  • Tools for collecting and re-using knowledge and experience, including a powerful new PLM integration
  • Enhanced support for CAE model generation and deployment.

In our webinar on Dec 15, 'Controlled workflows for critical materials data', you will be able to see some of the new features in Version 9 through three case study software demonstrations on these topics. We’ll also tell you about performance improvements made since Version 8 that give users a faster, smoother experience when working with materials data.

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If you are a current GRANTA MI user, join us on Dec 1 for our regular GRANTA MI training webinar, held on the first Tuesday of alternate months. This will look in more details at what's new in GRANTA MI Version 9.

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Simulation: New package provides materials data support for CAE



Enterprise CAD and PLM: Enhanced support for users



Materials information technology: AWE, GKN Aerospace case studies



Automotive: Consortium shares best practice, inaugural report



Restricted substances: EMIT meeting, database updates



Granta data modules: Latest available updates



Materials selection webinars: Register now



Training and this edition's video tip



Meet us at upcoming events: Conferences, symposia, webinars

See our latest case studies

2. New package provides materials data support for simulation

Top: comparing a material model to a measured curve using GRANTA MI charting tools. Bottom: MI:Materials Gateway access to materials data from within a CAE application (HyperMesh).Along with GRANTA MI Version 9, we’ll be launching a new MI:Simulation Package, and a web seminar next week will show how this can help you to capture, prepare, and manage materials data for simulation, and to save time and ensure accuracy in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).

The package includes a new capability to build MI:Data Analysis Apps which enable, for example, processing of test curves into simulation-ready data. It also provides improvements to our MI:Materials Gateways for CAE.

In the webinar, we will demonstrate some of these enhancements, discuss how leading engineering enterprises are using materials information management software to streamline their CAE processes, and work through a case study.

Register for the webinar on Nov 24 >

3. Enhanced support for enterprise CAD and PLM

Answer ‘where used?’ questions, handle material variants, more integration options

New app to ask ‘where is this material used?’New capabilities in GRANTA MI further enhance materials support for enterprise Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). A new web app answers the often-crucial question: ‘Where is this material used?’ It enables designers selecting a material to query their PLM system to find out whether existing products already contain that material.

The GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway plug-ins provide direct access to corporate materials data from within CAD, CAE, and PLM. CAD users can now request alternative materials based on an existing specification, identifying properties they want to change. This tool, based on customer feedback, ensures an optimal balance between fast design cycles and controlled material assignment.

Users of the latest Teamcenter PLM can now bulk ‘author’ materials information from GRANTA MI into the Teamcenter Integrated Materials Management data model, to be assigned and used by Teamcenter tools.

For more details see the press release. You can also sign up for our upcoming White Paper on ‘Material Intelligence for Enterprise CAD and PLM’.

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4. Practical materials information technology case studies

AWE and GKN Aerospace present projects at open seminar

Practical materials information technology case studies are focus for seminar

An open seminar on 'Mastering Materials Information', followed by Granta's North European User Group Meeting, was dominated by case studies of the practical application of materials information technology.

Hannah Carver, Project Leader in the PLM Group at AWE, described a long-running project to manage materials information for the leading UK nuclear security organization. Simulation is vital in their research, so efficient support for computational tools is essential. Robust PLM systems that can manage the product definition over lifetimes of 40+ years are a requirement, and materials is one key thread in that PLM story.

Jing Li, Methodology Engineer at GKN Aerospace, outlined a year-old enterprise project to implement the GRANTA MI system. The project is managing materials information for the Aerospace division, a major global Tier 1 supplier with products including aero structures, engine systems, and special products such as aircraft transparencies and ice protection systems.

Engineers, materials specialists, and managers from manufacturing enterprises across the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia also heard talks from Granta and took part in interactive discussions with panelists from Jaguar Land Rover, Doosan Babcock, and Rolls-Royce.

Read a full report >

5. Automotive consortium shares best practice and publishes inaugural report

AutoMatIC ConsortiumMembers of the Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium (AutoMatIC), set up in 2014, met for the third time in October when Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) hosted the event at the Heritage Motor Centre Museum, Gaydon, UK. The two-day meeting focused on defining how to share best practice for materials information technology within the Automotive and Off-Highway sectors.

The consortium members are JLR, General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Honeywell Turbo Technologies and KSPG AG. Topics discussed included: automating workflows; capturing knowledge and expertise; data provision for simulation; and global data synchronization.

AutoMatIC published its inaugural report on ‘Materials information management in the Automotive industry’ – this will become an annual publication detailing (i) the industry trends and drivers which are behind the members’ investment in materials information technology, and (ii) the technical progress of member organizations against 17 key benchmarks for potential business process improvements.

The next meeting is expected to be held in the Detroit area in April and we will hold a webinar in early 2016 with more details for prospective consortium members. Whether you are an OEM or a supplier, if you are interested in participating and would like to receive a membership information pack, visit the AutoMatIC web page and complete the form.

Find out more on how to join AutoMatIC >

6. Restricted substances: EMIT meeting, latest data updates

EMIT meeting September 2015’The 15th Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) consortium meeting was hosted by United Technologies Corp. subsidiary, Pratt & Whitney, in East Hartford, CT, USA, in September. EMIT is a collaborative project that develops and applies information technology solutions to enable product design and development in the context of environmental objectives and regulations. At this latest meeting, members discussed how to enable a more effective response to restricted substances regulations and environmental risks in product design.

Granta's latest release of the Restricted Substances Data Module was issued in November, with legislation updates to help users improve the accuracy of restricted substances reporting and obsolescence risk analysis. REACH reports, in particular, require the latest version of the REACH Candidate List to be in place, together with associated ‘Where Used’ data—and this update meets these requirements.

See more about the EMIT consortium >

7. Updates to data modules

Granta’s Data Products Team has issued several updates to data modules available within the Granta library of materials reference data. These were available with the recent CES Selector 2016 software release, and will be available with December's GRANTA MI Version 9, ensuring that the metals, composites, and plastics data available with these two software products remains current and comprehensive. Updates include:

  • MMPDS—the latest MMPDS-09 version of the authoritative aerospace reference
  • CAMPUS & M-Base Plastics—covers 10% more polymer grades and 100+ new applications
  • Prospector Plastics—the latest plastics data from UL Prospector, including 1,000+ new records
  • MI-21—more than 1,700 additional metal specifications and 1,900 additional consumables records
  • Stahldat SX—the latest complete and up-to-date Register of European Steels
  • SteelSpec—over 200 additional steel specifications

Updates to MaterialUniverse and ecoInvent Key Material indicators will also be available in December.

See more about Granta data products >

8. Sign up for materials selection webinars

Three webinars in the next few weeks will explain how CES Selector helps with materials selection in the areas of polymers, medical applications, and eco design:

  Nov 19 Choosing the right polymer for your products
  Dec 3 Material selection and substitution for medical devices
  Dec 8 Reducing environmental impact in the early stages of design

Register for choosing polymers webinar (Nov 19) >

Register for medical devices webinar (Dec 3) >

Register for environmental impact webinar (Dec 8) >

9. Training and video tip

Upcoming CES Selector and GRANTA MI training

Licensed users of the CES Selector and GRANTA MI software are welcome to join the free, bi-monthly online training sessions, held on the first Tuesday of each month. The next sessions are:

  Dec 1 GRANTA MI training: What's new in GRANTA MI 9
  Jan 12 CES Selector training: How to use the new Part Cost Estimator

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Video tip—Using the Excel Template Definitions in GRANTA MI

In each Granta Material News we link to information that helps users to get more from Granta software. Here, watch an excerpt from a recent GRANTA MI training session explaining how to configure and use the Excel Template Definitions. This time-saving capability enables you to create tightly-defined, easy-to-complete Excel forms from your database with just a few clicks, making it easy for your test labs or suppliers to submit data for import into GRANTA MI.

  Watch the video tips...  

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10. Come and meet us at upcoming events

Meet us at this Winter's events, conferences, and workshops, or sign up for our webinars:


  18-19 Rendez-vous Carnot, Paris, France
  19 Webinar: Choosing the right polymer for your products
  24 Webinar: Materials data reduction analysis: supporting the generation of data for design and simulation


  3 Webinar: Material selection and substitution for medical devices
  8 Webinar: Reducing environmental impact in the early stages of design
  10 Webinar: Gestion des matériaux pour la CAO, la simulation et le PLM (French)
  15 Webinar: Controlled workflows for critical materials data


  4-8 SCI TECH, San Diego, CA, USA
  12-15 Material Data Management Consortium, Huntingdon Beach, CA, USA
  13 Webinar: Werkstoff Information in Additive Fertigung (German)


  3-4 Business Convention for Additive Manufacturing, Lyon, France
  14-18 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Nashville, TN, USA
  17 Webinar: Systematische Materialauswahl als Strategie für Leichtbau (German)


  1-2 Granta D-A-CH Seminar and User Group Meeting, Nürnberg, Germany
  8-10 JEC World, Paris, France
  9 Webinar: Werkstoffinformationen, CAE-Anwendungen und Prozess unterstützen (German)
  15-16 Granta French Seminar and User Group Meeting, Paris, France
  17-18 7th North American Materials Education Symposium, UC Berkeley, USA


  7-8 8th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK
  10-13 COE Annual PLM Experience and TechniFair, San Antonio, TX, USA
  12-14 EMIT Consortium Meeting, Cambridge, UK
  10-13 SAE World Congress, Detroit, MI, USA
  TBA AutoMatIC Consortium Meeting, Detroit, MI, USA

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