Granta Material News, Nov 2011

Video Tips

The following video tips are clips extracted from recent Granta web seminars that demonstrate useful features in the GRANTA MI or CES Selector software.

Video clips open in a new window: press play of the pop-up controls to start. Please ensure that your headphones or speakers are connected: you may need to adjust the volume.

Tip 1: Using Comparison Tables in
CES Selector 2012

Length: 3:30 mins
Presenter: Dr Charlie Bream, Granta Design

A new comparison table, makes it easy to compare the performance of two or more materials in tabular form. The materials to be compared may be identified via a CES Selector selection project, via screening using property constraints, or simply chosen from the browse tree. Performance indices computed by CES Selector (such as "mass per unit of strength") are listed together with properties drawn from the CES Selector database. Differences of greater than 10% are highlighted.


Watch the case study


This feature supports use cases from simple exploration of materials data to detailed analysis of the results of a rational selection project. It is also possible to highlight differences in performance relative to a specified reference materials. This can be particularly useful in materials substitution or replacement exercises, when it can help you to avoid the risk of overlooking critical criteria.

More on CES Selector 2012 



Tip 2: Using the CAE exporter in GRANTA MI

Length: 2:42 mins
Presenter: Dr. Arthur FairFull, Granta Design

Easy-to-use exporters within GRANTA MI make it easy to export for in-house or commercial CAE tools, as well as MatML, extracting the information that you require and applying smoothing and data manipulation algorithms where needed. See it in action with this excerpt from the recent web seminar on 'Empowering design and simulation with certified materials information'


  View this short extract from our recent Steels Web Semianr, looking at the StahlDatSX data available in GRANTA MI



Tip 3: Accessing materials data from within CAD

Length: 6 mins
Presenter: Dr. Arthur FairFull, Granta Design

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway now provides access to the materials and process data stored within a GRANTA MI database directly within CAD and CAE. This exciting new integration technology enables users to connect securely across a corporate network or the Internet to an approved materials database. They are able to browse and search materials data from a window within the CAD or CAE system, apply data to their models, and run analyses using the data from both systems. See it in action in from within Pro/ENGINEER with this excerpt from the recent web seminar on 'Empowering design and simulation with certified materials information'



Watch the case study