Granta Material News - The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.

Granta Material News—November 2011

The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.


1. Trends in materials data for design & simulation Top

'Empowering Design and Simulation with Certified Materials Information'—watch the video!

A key requirement for companies that have projects to manage their materials data is to link this materials information management with engineering design. The objectives are to fully leverage the company's investment in materials testing and research, and to ensure designers access up-to-date, approved materials data, when and where they need it. At a recent web seminar, Granta's Dr Arthur Fairfull presented a number of options for achieving these aims through the GRANTA MI materials information management system. These included export tools that generate ready-to-use input files for CAE systems (e.g., Abaqus, ANSYS, Nastran) and the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway technology, which enables users to search, browse, and apply materials data directly from within their engineering software packages (e.g., Autodesk Inventor, Abaqus/CAE, Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Elements/Pro). Both approaches can also be implemented with other systems.

Connecting to your corporate materials information from within th familiar Abaqus/CAE environment

See extracts from the web seminar in this month's video tips, or watch a full recording of this web seminar online now.

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Want to ask more questions of Granta's experts?
Granta customers are welcome to join the next regular GRANTA MI training session in December. This will focus on integrations of Granta's materials information management system with CAD and CAE systems.

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2. CAD/CAE a focus at upcoming MDMC meeting Top

Sandia National Labs the latest member of materials data management project

The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is a collaborative project that develops best practice for materials information management, and guides development of the GRANTA MI software in support of this best practice. The next (19th) project meeting will be from January 10-13, hosted by Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, CA. Member organizations have, in the past, been represented by materials engineers and managers at these meetings. For the first time, from the January meeting, colleagues working in engineering design and simulation will have a dedicated section of the agenda, reflecting a clear desire among members to make sure that the benefits of well-managed corporate materials information are deployed for use throughout their organizations.

Members also look forward to welcoming Sandia National Laboratories, which is the latest leading engineering organization to join the Consortium.

More details on the MDMC 

The MDMC has provided input on the development of new materials data management features in Version 5 of the GRANTA MI software; these enable streamlined management and browsing of complex materials data.

What's new in GRANTA MI Version 5 

3. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, & Thales join Consortium Top

Granta to host next meeting of eco design collaborative project

The Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium recently announced three new members: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Thales.

The membership of the Consortium now numbers twelve leading engineering enterprises, focused on developing software tools and information resources that embed eco design and consideration of environmental regulations into everyday engineering workflows. For example, the Consortium helped to specify enhanced tools to assess and manage restricted substance risk that were delivered with the recent GRANTA MI Version 5 software release.

  EMIT: developing software tools and information resources that embed eco design and consideration of environmental regulations into everyday engineering workflows

The project has also confirmed that its next meeting will be in Cambridge, UK from March 19-21, 2012, hosted by Granta Design.

Announcement of new Consortium members 

What's new in GRANTA MI Version 5 

4. Automotive substitution and materials strategy Top

Materials strategy a hot topic for automotive industry—latest report from the Motor City

Representatives from leading automotive enterprises gathered in Detroit, MI last month to discuss some of the materials challenges currently facing the industry. Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers joined OEMs, all seeking ways to cut automobile weight and cost and to streamline engineering processes, particularly in the wake of reorganizations and cost-cutting.

Participants shared their challenges, and discussed possible solutions to issues such as:

  Materials selection for car bodies can help to lower costs and weightMaterials information is important for auto components and tiresManage test data and select the right materials for high performance applicationsMaterials choice is important for interiors, for aesthetic, cost, and safety reasons
  • Materials information being difficult to obtain, synchronize, and maintain
  • Knowledge being locked up in local pockets of expertise
  • Pressure to reduce weight and emissions—making the right substitutions without compromising cost and quality

Read the workshop report online 

You can also read a full report of a presentation from guest speaker, Dr. Keith Legg of Rowan Technologies, on ''Knowledge-Based Anticipation and Substitution", with particular emphasis on the effect of restricted substance legislation in the coatings and advanced materials industry, and the hidden risks this poses for sectors including automotive.

Read the report online 

5.  New Guide for materials producers Top

'A Material Producer's Guide to Materials Information Technology' helps producers protect & increase market share—pre-register now!

Granta's latest Guide will draw on our experience working with leading producers of metals, plastics, and composites to ask what's driving changes in the industry, and what this means about the importance of materials information technology. With five simple and practical tips, you see how to systematically manage, control, and use one of your most valuable assets—your materials information—to position your products against the competition, avoid expensive retesting, and work more closely with your key customers. Pre-register for this Guide to find out more about how you can maintain a competitive advantage, and protect and increase your market share.

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6. Rolls-Royce guest speaker at UK Seminar Top

Materials Information Technology in Industry, November 30, Birmingham, UK

Granta's 'Materials Information Technology in Industry' seminar will be held in Birmingham, UK at the end of the month. The seminar is ideal for materials engineers, materials scientists, senior managers with responsibility for product development and engineering, or managers with an interest in how effective use of materials information could help in the supply chain or in environmental product stewardship. Hear case study presentations from leading engineering enterprises, including guest speaker Darren Green of Rolls-Royce. See demonstrations, get your questions answered, and network with other engineers and managers with similar interests. Find out more and register (without cost) on our website.

More details and workshop registration (Nov 30) 

7. Cost benefits of integrating sustainability into design Top

Bringing sustainability considerations into mainstream design

Eco Design is certainly attracting attention at the moment: a recent event on materials and sustainability hosted by the Danish Society for Materials Technology and the Danish Design Centre attracted 200 people. Granta's Dr Jamie O'Hare presented eco design tools that can be used by designers and engineers as part of 'business as usual', even without expertise in environmental sustainability issues. One such tool is Granta's Eco Materials Adviser in Autodesk Inventor, giving CAD users direct access to materials data and to the environmental and cost implications of every decision they make. You can see Jamie present this tool at a web seminar on November 29.

More details and web seminar registration (Nov 29) 

Eco3 Design reveal cost benefits from 'Integrating environmental sustainability into design'

Another indication that eco design approaches are beginning to have a real impact was a talk given by Leigh Holloway, director of one of the UK's leading environmental and innovation consultancies, Eco3 Design, at a recent Granta online event. Leigh shared his experience of the environmental and business benefits that can be achieved by applying eco design tools and principles during the crucial early stages of design. He presented a case study of an eco design project on a lighting product—one of many such projects completed in the last four years that have identified both significant eco design opportunities and cost savings of over £50 million for clients.

  Eco Design can mean both cost and environmental imporovments

More on tools to support Eco Design 

8. Tips Top

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software. This month, the tips are all extracts from recent web seminars: you can also watch the full presentation from the 'Empowering Design and Simulation with Certified Materials Information' web seminar online.

Tip 1: Using Comparison Tables in CES Selector Watch a four-minute video clip demonstrating how you can easily compare the performance of two or more materials in tabular form, visually highlighting key differences.
Tip 2: Using the CAE exporter in GRANTA MI Easy-to-use exporters within GRANTA MI make it easy to transfer data to in-house or commercial CAE tools, as well as in MatML: find out more in this two-minute video clip.
Tip 3: Accessing materials data from within CAD Watch an excerpt from the recent web seminar on 'Empowering Design and Simulation with Certified Materials Information' to see how you can get direct access to the materials and process data stored within a GRANTA MI database from within CAD and CAE: the video clip shows such an integration with Pro/ENGINEER.

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9. Regular online training Top

On-going training is available for users of CES Selector and GRANTA MI in alternate months. There is no cost for these hour-long web events. You will automatically receive your personalized registration ID and joining instructions in advance of each session once you have registered for the series.

GRANTA MI training: Dec 6—GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway
We look forward to meeting more GRANTA MI users at our next online training session. On Tuesday Dec 6, we will be looking at integrated access to GRANTA MI data from within CAD and CAE. Get a taster in this month's tips, and join us in December to see demonstrations and put your questions to Granta's experts.

  Granta's team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate version control in GRANTA MI, as well as answering your questions on June 7

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CES Selector training: January 11—'Using the new reference data for CES Selector'
Join us on the second Tuesday of the New Year (avoiding the holiday season)  to learn more about using the latest reference data, including:

  • An overview of the StahlDat SX data module
    (Register of European Steels)
  • An overview of Firehole Composites
    (database of continuous fiber reinforced polymers)
  •  A demonstration of database usage through real-life materials selection and substitution case studies
  CES Selector 2012

More details and registration 

10. Events—upcoming conferences and web seminars Top

Join Granta at these upcoming events: Granta web seminars are open to all, with no cost, but pre-registration is required. For events in 2012, visit our website.

Date Event Location
Nov 22 Managing Critical Materials Data in Medical Device Development Web seminar
Nov 24 Introduction to CES Selector (Spanish) Web seminar
Nov 29 Eco Materials Adviser Web seminar
Nov 29–Dec 2 Autodesk University Las Vegas, NV
Nov 29–Dec 2 Euromold Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 30 Seminar: Materials Information Technology in Industry Birmingham, UK


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