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Summer 2013

1. Plastics, steels, and critical materials data extends Granta library

Latest additions are M-Base plastics, UK and US steel Standards

Latest additions are M-Base plastics, SpeelSpec Standards

Granta has extended its library of materials reference data with the SteelSpec data, covering US, European, and UK steel Standards, and quality plastics data from Germany's M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH. These new data modules, plus the recently-released Critical Materials data for study of material supply risks, add to a comprehensive catalog of metals, plastics, composites, medical, and environmental data. This is available through the GRANTA MI™ materials information management software, which also manages in-house materials data. Getting all of this data in one place saves time for engineers and enables better-informed materials decisions. See this updated resource at a web seminar on June 6.

Web seminar details and registration (June 6) 

GRANTA MI enables access via a web browser or from within CAD, CAE, and PLM systems (see next item). The new data modules are:

CAMPUS and M-Base Plastics—includes the CAMPUS data set of high quality plastics data plus 30,000+ additional datasheets measured to ISO and ASTM standards, including biopolymer data. Also a database of 1,000+ applications for polymers. Read more…

SteelSpec—searchable data on chemical composition and properties of 4,000 steel specifications contained in UK, European, and popular US Standards (notably from Standards Bodies BS, EN, ASTM, and SAE), including withdrawn Standards and suitable replacements. Read more…

Critical materials—data on materials, such as rare earth elements, where supply is subject to factors such as geopolitical risk, environmental country risk, physical scarcity, conflict minerals, and price volatility. See this month's tips…

Offer: cost-effective data bundles are available for the next month with new GRANTA MI licenses, while existing GRANTA MI users can add new data modules and benefit from free use until August. Join the web seminar or contact us for details.


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Plastics, steels, and critical materials data extends Granta library



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Hints & tips: using the Critical Materials data module alongside GRANTA MI:Substitute

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2. CATIA® joins list of materials-enabled CAD, CAE, PLM systems

Granta shows applications for Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, Creo, Siemens NX, and Teamcenter at international events

CATIA is the latest in a growing list of CAD, CAE, and PLM software supported by a dedicated GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ application. These applications, embedded within the host software, enable engineers to access materials property data easily, and apply it in design and simulation.

A presentation of ANSYS Workbench integration was well-received at the ESSS Conference and ANSYS User Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month. And Granta will participate in the upcoming SIMULIA Customers Conference (May 21-24, Vienna), Siemens PLM Connection Americas (June 3-6, Dallas, TX), and PTC Live (June 9-12, Anaheim, CA), as well as speaking at the NAFEMS World Congress (June 9-12, Salzburg, Austria).
  GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for CATIA. Search and browse your corporate materials database (and/or Granta-supplied reference information), assign your selected materials to your CATIA model, and explore the design implications. Model courtesy of Thomas Frevillier.

You can also see the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway technology demonstrated at next week's web seminar:

May 16: Material intelligence for CAE

Join this short web seminar to see how you can quickly and interactively browse and search materials data, find valid models, and assign them for use in simulation.

Web seminar details and registration (May 16) 

3. How rational material selection helped Tecumseh save 2 million Euros

Tecumseh has been committed to innovation and product quality for the air conditioning and refrigeration market for more than 75 years. Their reputation has been built on good design and material expertise. In an increasingly competitive global market, they wanted to ensure that their material selection processes were rigorous and reproducible, and use these processes to produce high quality products at an optimal price, whilst also considering environmental factors.

Tecumseh recently adopted CES Selector™, taking advantage of extensive materials property data, advanced graphical analysis, and specialist tools to support materials selection and substitution decisions. This has ensured that their materials experts can make the best use of their materials understanding and share it within the group.
  Graphical selection methods helped Tecumseh save 2 million euros

You can now read how just a few weeks' work using CES Selector has led to three-fold reduction in production time for one component, and helped to generate millions of euros of cost savings from making the right materials decisions.

Read the full case study 

4. Vestas on meeting materials challenges for wind turbines

Join our guest speaker from Vestas at a web seminar on May 22

Materials challenges are particularly relevant in the push to design bigger, lighter, and more cost effective wind turbine blades and towers, and more efficient and reliable drivetrains for wind power applications.

On May 22, speakers from Vestas and Granta Design will discuss the importance of materials information technology to meeting these challenges. Attendees will hear an industry case study, learn about typical requirements for managing materials data, and find out how meeting these requirements helps to:
  Granta's tools are helping those in the wind industry make the right materials choices
  • Enable a fast, effective iterative design process.
  • Balance cost and performance in pushing materials boundaries.
  • Improve product reliability and avoid unplanned down-time.
  • Support wind energy certification and compliance with wind turbine standards.

More details and registration (May 22) 

5. Four ways to get more from CES Selector

Join the CES Selector User Experience program

CES Selector users may be interested in joining the 'User Experience Test Team'. This is part of an on-going program evaluating how users interact and respond to the features and interfaces in CES Selector, with the primary aim of simplifying use of the software. Open to both new and experienced users, the program provides an opportunity for users to contribute to the development of new and existing functionality, and ultimately to ensure that the software meets their needs as closely as possible.

Read more and get involved 

Web seminar on polymer selection & substitution (Tuesday, May 14)

A web seminar on May 14 (next Tuesday) will address the particular challenges of developing and manufacturing medium-to-high volume consumer products, typified by high usage of polymers, short product life, and frequent design updates and product launches. Aimed at those new to CES Selector, it will demonstrate how this highly graphical software tool can increase confidence and efficiency in the selection process.

Web seminar details and registration (May 14) 

Web seminar on add-on tools and data (Wednesday, May 29)

A short web seminar on May 29 will demonstrate tools and reference data that CES Selector users can add to their existing edition of the software. These enable you to:

  • Extend the materials data you use to analyze performance, cost, and environmental behavior to additional classes of metals—SteelSpec steels, Global Powder Metallurgy, ESDU MMDH aero alloys, and ASME BPV Code materials for boiler and pressure vessel applications.
  • Focus on lightweight and environmental design—with the Hybrid Synthesizer™ and Eco Audit™ Tool.

Offer: CES Selector users adding new tools or data to their license before June 15 can qualify for a free training webex. Contact us to reserve one of limited dates now.

Web seminar details and registration (May 29) 

CES Selector user training: Adding in-house and custom data (Tuesday, July 2)

Earlier this week, CES Selector users joined Granta's Dr Charlie Bream to pick up tips and tricks for getting the most out of their software. The next session in our bi-monthly user training (on Tuesday, July 2) will look at "Adding in-house and custom data".   All CES Selector users are welcome to join the bi-monthly training at no additional cost

More details and registration (for current users) 

6. GRANTA MI: Working with CES Selector and regular user training

Using GRANTA MI with CES Selector (Tuesday, May 21)

GRANTA MI users may be interested to see how they can apply the highly-graphical materials data plotting and analysis tools of the CES Selector PC software to study data from their GRANTA MI database. An upcoming web seminar will demonstrate how this process is enabled by the new GRANTA MI-to-CES Selector export capability, covering: export of in-house data from GRANTA MI to CES Selector; visualization of material property space; comparison of in-house materials data with published data; and using CES Selector to communicate the benefits/limitations of in-house or new materials.

Offer: GRANTA MI users who license CES Selector in the next month can benefit from a package that includes service support to configure your GRANTA MI database for export to CES Selector.

Web seminar details and registration (May 21) 

GRANTA MI User Training:
GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway update: CAD, CAE, and PLM (Tuesday, June 4)

The next bi-monthly training session for GRANTA MI users will update attendees on the latest technology for CAD, CAE, and PLM integration.  Supported systems now include Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, Creo, Siemens NX, and Teamcenter.  Materials and process specialists will learn about the practicalities of deploying materials data to engineers, designers, and analysts. Users and managers of CAD and PLM will gain an overview of tools to browse and search materials data within the host system, assign materials to parts in a product design, and use the materials' property data in reports and dashboards. Those working with CAE will also see how to access CAE materials models and assign these for use in simulation.

Training details and registration (for current users) 

7. Designing medical devices that encourage positive healing

'Current Best Practices in Materials Selection for Medical Devices' (Boston, July 18)

With increasing pressure on med-tech companies to remain innovative but reduce costs, materials selection is becoming a key strategic issue in medical device and instrument design. Identifying the optimal materials for a component or product requires designers to consider not just mechanical integrity, but also regulatory issues, longevity of supply, and cost. Material biocompatibility is seen as increasingly important: the right materials can be used not only to "do no harm", but increasingly to "do good", encouraging positive healing responses.

This summer, medical devices consultant Dr Mike Helmus will join Granta's Dr Sarah Egan in teaching a day-long workshop on 'Current Best Practices in Materials Selection for Medical Devices' during the Institute of Medical Device Development's Training Week on Thursday, July 18. Register now to secure your place: early bird registration runs until June 21.

Event details & registration (July 18) 

Latest cardiovascular and orthopaedic materials data on show at upcoming events

The Spring Release of the Medical Materials Database updates this comprehensive and authoritative set of mechanical, physical, biological response, and drug compatibility properties for the materials and coatings used in cardiovascular and orthopaedic medical devices. Additions include new and updated data on adhesives marketed as suitable for medical applications and a new search template enabling quicker identification of approved medical devices that include specific combinations of material, coating and/or drug.

Find out more by joining Granta at upcoming medical events or downloading the white paper: 'The Business Case for Materials Information Management in Medical Device Design'.

Download our white paper and meet us at events 

  Join us at upcoming events to discuss your medical materials challanges

8. Pushing the boundaries of advanced materials

Meet Granta at SAMPE Conference and Exhibition (Long Beach, CA, May 6-9)

Companies in sectors including aerospace, automotive, wind, and advanced material production want to apply new composite technologies and to push existing materials to their limits. They handle large amounts of complex data from testing, research, QA, suppliers, or external reference sources. As materials work harder, in harsher environments, they need greater confidence in the statistical pedigree of this data. And they want to securely and traceably share it with engineers and designers, for example, to support post-failure analysis in FEA, to enable early evaluation of new material concepts such as natural fiber reinforcements, or to ensure regulatory compliance (e.g., with REACH).

At this week's SAMPE Conference and Exhibition (Long Beach, CA, May 6-9) Granta have been demonstrating tools to help advanced engineering organizations to manage, analyze, and apply critical data on materials. Even if you couldn't make the event, visit the Granta website to download the latest white papers in this area.

Download white papers 

9. On the blog & social media

Prof. Ashby revisits corrugated iron in a new series on 'Unappreciated Materials'

Blog   "Some materials catch headlines, are held in awe, but not all. Some get little respect despite, in some cases, having changed the world. They have become commonplace, anonymous, ignored and (particularly if they are cheap) cast aside when no longer wanted. If they had feelings, they would be hurt. This blog is the first in a series designed to draw attention to their plight…"

Visit the blog 

Granta on social media 

10. Workshops & seminars

Seminar: Materials Information Technology in Industry (Barcelona, Tuesday, May 14)

Granta is hosting a 'Materials Information Technology in Industry' seminar in Barcelona, Spain, on May 14, together with Anella Industrial and CESCA. This event is ideal for materials engineers, materials scientists, senior managers with responsibility for product development and engineering, or managers with an interest in how effective use of materials information could help in the supply chain or in environmental product stewardship. Hear case study presentations from leading engineering enterprises, see demonstrations, get your questions answered, and network with other engineers and managers with similar interests. Find out more and register (without cost) on the Granta website.

Seminar details and registration (May 14) 

11. Upcoming web seminars

Join Granta's guest speakers and in-house experts for short (hour-long) web seminars, without cost, as they discuss materials information technology for a wide range of industries:

Full list of Granta web seminars 

12. Upcoming events

Meet us at this Summer's events, conferences, and workshops:

Full list of upcoming events and seminars 

13. Hints and tips

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software. This month's tip shows a 7 minute extract from a recent web seminar that demonstrates how Granta's new Critical Materials data module can be used alongside GRANTA MI:Substitute to help avoid critical materials risk in material substitution.

  Watch the video tips...  

Watch the video 

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