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Granta Material News - May 2011

The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.


1. Materials data for engineering design & simulation Top

Latest GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway technology at SIMULIA and PTC events
One of the main challenges for anyone responsible for materials data is delivering it efficiently and reliably to the people that need it. Engineers using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) systems are one such group.

Granta is demonstrating the latest integrations of materials data with CAD and CAE software at this week’s Global SIMULIA Customer Conference and next month’s PlanetPTC event. The MI:Materials Gateway technology enables users to browse and search managed corporate materials data from within their CAD and CAE systems, and to apply that data to their models.

  Granta MI:Materials Gateway provides a proven technology that enables engineering software to be seamlessly and efficiently linked to a GRANTA MI-powered corporate materials database, as illustrated using Abaqus/CAE.

Designers can assign density and other properties within CAD packages (for example, Pro/ENGINEER from PTC or Autodesk Inventor). In the same way, CAE users (for example, using Abaqus/CAE from SIMULIA, illustrated above) can easily choose and apply the right materials models. In all cases, users benefit from accurate, up-to-date information and reduced risk of errors during data transfer.

Visit the new product websites to request more information:

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Abaqus/CAE >>>

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Pro/ENGINEER >>>

2. New projects: coatings, process cost, substitution... Top

The Materials Strategy Software Consortium has recently launched two new special interest groups, increasing to three the number of projects focused on specific aspects of materials decision support.

  The Materials Strategy Software Consortium is a collaborative project that defines and applies new software to manage materials data and meet the challenges of material selection, substitution and cost optimization.

Coatings Selection Project launched on May 10
The latest project, focused on coatings, was launched last week. This group draws together leading organizations to develop data and software that supports the systematic, rational selection of coatings and coated materials.

Rhodia hosts first European Meeting of the Materials Strategy Software Consortium
On April 6, Rhodia hosted the 9th Materials Strategy Software Consortium Meeting at their offices in Paris. As sponsors of the new Material and Process Cost Analysis project, they are looking to the project for tools that help visualize and analyze the cost implications of candidate materials in new product development / new market analysis

Beta-testing of new tools for Material Substitution
The two new projects above broaden the industrial relevance of the Consortium, and build on the success of the Material Substitution project which has just announced that it is providing beta-versions of its latest tools for testing. This group focuses on tools to identify – and understand the implications of – candidate substitutes for materials which are withdrawn, obsolete, or unavailable.

Download project documentation >>>

3. Updates for aerospace and energy data Top

Key materials references for aerospace and energy data updated
The ASME BPV Code, Composite Design, and MMPDS data modules from Granta are all being updated this month.  These provide access to some key references for aerospace alloys, materials for boiler and pressure vessel applications, and composite materials. Updates not only include more records and the most up-to-date, authoritative data, but also improve access and usability via the GRANTA MI web browser user interface. The latest ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code Part II-D, Materials data includes an additional 90 titanium alloys and 70 more nickel alloys.  The MMPDS aerospace alloy data has been upgraded to the MMPDS-05 version, with 50 more records than the previous MMPDS-04. It also reflects recent regulation changes such as the 'sunset clause review'. The Composite Design data update will include composite design data from 8 new publications, covering all of the NCAMP project data up to April 2011. Further details on each of these sources are available on the Granta website.

Existing users of this data can expect to receive email notification of how to download the latest versions over the course of the next month. If you would like to find out more about how you can gain cost-effective, quick, and efficient access to these and other leading reference sources, please contact us.

Aerospace and energy data >>>

4. Focus on metals: steels and powder metallurgy Top

TRW Automotive speak as seminar discusses Steels Special Interest Group
TRW Automotive were the guest speakers at this week’s seminar on 'Steels Data, Data Management, and Decision Support Tools', in Kamen, Germany, hosted by MetaTech GmbH and Granta. As a result of the particularly strong interest from the German steels and manufacturing community, the seminar also provided the venue to discuss formation of a Special Interest Group for Steels Data. Attendees reviewed industrial case studies and demonstrations, looked at the latest technology for managing both external and in-house steels data, and assessed software to help selection and substitution of steels and other materials.

More details on the steels seminar >>>

Special offer brings greater access to steels and powder metallurgy data
Until June 15, when you license Granta's Steels data you will also receive a year's free access to Global Powder Metallurgy Data through the GRANTA MI materials information system. Making these valuable reference resources available as Granta data modules provides fast, efficient digital access to the data. The simple web browser-based interface allows users to quickly browse and search data, and export data for use in design and other software. All this can be made available alongside other leading materials reference information and in-house materials data in a single, integrated system.

  • The Global Powder Metallurgy Database is the world's most comprehensive and reliable PM data source (containing around 3,500 lines of relevance to Powder Metallurgy and Metal Injection Molding),
  • Granta's Steels series currently has a combined coverage of over 50,000 material grades from leading providers including the German Steel Institute (Stahlinstitut VDEh), The Welding Institute (TWI), and the World Metal's index (WMI).
Components made using powder metallurgy technology - Image courtesy of the European Powder Metallurgy Association

More details on Steels and PM >>>

5. Sustainable product design Top

Web seminar on Eco Audit technology – now in CAD!
Granta's Eco Audit Tool helps designers make rapid assessment of the environmental impact of a product at all stages of life while it is still in the early stages of design. Learn more about how designers and engineers can engage with the demands of environmental sustainability within their everyday workflow at our web seminar on June 16.

The Eco Audit technology is now also available within CAD: Eco Materials Adviser is the new tool for sustainable design within Autodesk Inventor. An easy-to-read dashboard display shows key indicators such as energy usage, CO2 footprint, water usage, and materials cost, letting users interactively explore the effect of changes in the materials choice or design of their digital prototype.

  Eco Materials Adviser is the new tool for sustainable design within Autodesk Inventor

More on Eco Materials Adviser >>>

Web seminar details and registration  >>>

Download 'Five Steps to Eco Design'
If you want to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint in your products and designs, some simple and practical tips are available in our new Guide to Eco Design. It covers how to quickly and easily explore ‘what-if' scenarios early-on, when changes cost least and matter most. It looks at business drivers for eco design and some of the challenges companies face when implementing sustainability. And it provides accessible steps - for designers, engineers, environmental specialists, and everyone involved in the management of product design or development - to help you not only begin to deliver on eco design, but also enhance innovation and reduce costs.

  Five Steps to Eco Design: Improving the Environmental Performance of Products through Design

Download your free copy  >>>

6. E2S2 discussions focus on restricted substance Top

Granta Co-Chairs session at the Environment Energy and Sustainability Symposium
This month’s E2S2 Symposium in New Orleans included a very topical session on 'Adapting to Supply Chain Risk in Innovative Enterprises: Proactive material and substance information management'. The session was co-chaired by Carole Le Blanc, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defence (OSD) and David Cebon of Granta.  Presentations from EPR Consulting, TetraTech, EU Com, and OSD focused on specific supply chain risks posed by restricted substance legislation such as REACH and critical emerging issues such as resource scarcity and geo-political factors.

The afternoon provided a useful foil to the morning’s discussion by focusing on tools for risk mitigation, with presentations from Rowan Technology, Army Research Labs, SciVera, and Granta.  Panel discussions consolidated the key issues, summarized requirements for tools, and outlined possible next steps to specify and develop such tools.  There was good discussion, comment, and feedback from the room, including representatives from the US Navy, Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon.

Read Abstracts and Agenda >>>

7. Novo Nordisk highlight at Danish Materials Seminar Top

On March 23, Dr Rüya Eskimergen Nielsen from Novo Nordisk was guest speaker at Granta's 'Materials Information Technology in Industry' seminar, providing insights into how rational materials selection is supporting medical device research and development. Attendees from a wide range of industrial sectors (including medical, wind energy, and aerospace), enjoyed a productive day of discussions and presentations at the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) Conference Center on the Copenhagen waterfront.

Read the full report >>>

8. Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Top

New ICME event reflects increasing interest
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is an emerging discipline that is generating increasing interest, as demonstrated by the upcoming First World Congress on ICME (Seven Springs, PA, USA – July 10-14), organized by TMS.  ICME aims to integrate manufacturing simulation, advanced materials models, and component performance analysis. It brings together methods across a wide range of length and time scales, using results from one method as inputs to other methods, and combining the insights gained from different approaches in order to inform materials and process design.  The ability to manage materials and process data and to feed this data into diverse applications is a central requirement of this vision. This has been a key focus for Granta’s work with the Material Data Management Consortium over the past decade and will form the basis of a paper presented by Granta at the Congress.  If you are attending, we would be delighted to meet with you – if not, contact Granta to discuss your interest in ICME.

More details >>>

9.  Orthopaedic devices key focus at medical events Top

Granta and ASM collaborate at OrthoTec 2011
Granta will be co-chairing a session with ASM International, as well as speaking at next week's OrthoTec Conference. The session consists of a panel discussion following five talks on 'Materials Intelligence in Orthopaedic Devices', one of which is to be given by Granta's Dr Sarah Egan. She will be sharing expertise in material selection, data management, and reference data for biomedical materials and materials information as she speaks on 'Knowledge Resources and Materials Selection for Medical Device Design'.


Granta's Orthopaedic Materials data module has recently undergone a major expansion and now	contains information about all types of orthopaedic device, including fixation, hips, knees, spinal, ankle, toe, elbow, finger, shoulder, wrist, cranioplasty, maxillofacial, and ossicular

Come and meet Granta on booth 307 to find out about integrating in-house material information with reference data that is relevant, comprehensive, authoritative, versatile, and up-to-date, such as Granta's Orthopaedic Materials data module. This module has recently undergone a major expansion and now contains information about all types of orthopaedic device, including fixation, hips, knees, spinal, ankle, toe, elbow, finger, shoulder, wrist, cranioplasty, maxillofacial, and ossicular, linked to information on over 200 materials, coatings, and related drugs, including their engineering properties, biological response information, material producers, and specific grades.

Orthopaedic device designers will be interested to know more about the new Human Biological Materials module - a unique resource of mechanical property data for specific bones, enabling fast access to data suitable for FEA and general reference.

More details and agenda >>>

Granta's Medical Device Data >>>

Granta to speak at MD&M East
As well as orthopaedic solutions and general data management and materials selection technology (above), Granta will be demonstrating data for cardiovascular devices at MD&M East later this month. Granta will speak on “Addressing materials challenges throughout the product lifecycle” during session 402. Come and find Granta on booth 2688 to ask for more details on our reference data modules, as well as how we can support your complete data management and material selection.

More details >>>

10. Regular online training Top

On-going training is available for users of CES Selector and GRANTA MI on the first Tuesday of alternate months. There is no cost for these hour-long web events. You will automatically receive your personalized registration ID and joining instructions in advance of each session once you have registered for the series.

GRANTA MI training: June 7 - Version Control in GRANTA MI
We look forward to meeting more GRANTA MI users at our next online training session. On Tuesday June 7, we will be looking at how version control features in GRANTA MI help you deal with changing information, offering an approval process for data and ensuring that the most up-to-date version is provided, while maintaining a full record of the data's history which retains materials knowledge and allows recovery of past versions of information.

  Granta's team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate version control in GRANTA MI, as well as answering your questions on June 7

More details & registration >>>

CES Selector online training: July 5 -
'visualization and positioning of materials'

Please join us to learn more about 'visualization and positioning of materials using CES Selector' on Tuesday, July 5, with demonstrations and live Q&A of particular relevance to material specialists, product designers, application engineers, advanced innovation, and technical sales and marketing. An excerpt from last month's session is included in this month's tips.

  Material Property Charts help with visualization and positioning of materials

More details and registration >>>

11. Tips Top

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software. In this edition, we address the following questions:

  1. How can I temporarily disable selection stages in CES selector?
    This simple demonstration uses the example of a mass vs cost trade-off plot for a panel in bending to show how a further limit stage (screening the thermoplastics according to their flammability) can be quickly and easily enabled and disabled.
  2. Where can I get coatings data in GRANTA MI?
    This video excerpt from a recent web seminar on Coatings and Restricted Substances shows where you can find coatings data in GRANTA MI. This first release of the Coatings Data Module focuses on Restricted Substances as well as providing other data, as can be seen in this video. We also plan to develop further data and applications in the future through the Coating Selection Project (above).
  3. How can I identify a ‘drop-in’ alternative for my polymer?
    Do you need to find a material replacement? Are your current materials becoming obsolete? Or are you facing temporary disruption in supply of standard grade, or need to dual source, or looking for locally sourced material? This video excerpt from last month's CES Selector training provides an example for how to handle these situations, showing how to identify a drop-in replacement for a particular grade of polymer.

Get the tips >>>

12. Events - upcoming seminars and conferences Top


Date Event Location
May 17-19 SIMULIA 2011 Barcelona, Spain
May 18 Seminar: Information for Steels Kamen, Germany
May 23-26 Aeromat 2011 and SAMPE 2011 Long Beach, California, USA
May 24-25 OrthoTec 2011 Winona Lake (Warsaw), Indiana , USA
June 6-9 MD&M East New York, USA
June 12-15 PTC/User at PlanetPTC Live Las Vegas, USA
July 10-14 1st World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Seven Springs, PA, USA

13. Events - upcoming web seminars Top

Granta web seminars are open to all, with no cost. Listed training events are also without cost, but open to licensed users only. Pre-registration is required for all Granta web events.

Date Event More information
June 7 GRANTA MI training: Using Version Control Details and Registration >>>
June 16 Eco Design: Integrating environmental sustainability into design Details and Registration >>>
July 5 CES Selector training: Visualization and Positioning of Materials Details and Registration >>>

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