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MARCH 2013

1. JEC & SAMPE Highlight Composites

Composites are in the spotlight with the upcoming JEC Composites Show and SAMPE Europe (SEICO) Conference in Paris, and with May’s SAMPE Annual Meeting in Long Beach.

Opportunities to find out about best practice for composite information management

Composites are in the spotlight with the upcoming JEC Composites Show and SAMPE Europe (SEICO) Conference in Paris, and with May’s SAMPE Annual Meeting in Long Beach. Granta will be there to talk about best practice composite information management, based on the work of the Composites Sub-Committee of the Material Data Management Consortium.

This work is relevant to sectors including aerospace, automotive, wind, and advanced material production, where companies want to apply new composite technologies and to push existing materials to their limits. They must handle large amounts of complex data from testing, research, QA, suppliers, or external reference sources. As materials work harder, in harsher environments, they need greater confidence in the statistical pedigree of this data. And they want to securely and traceably share it, for example, to support post-failure analysis in FEA, to enable early evaluation of material concepts such as natural fiber reinforcements, or to ensure regulatory compliance (e.g., with REACH).

At the SEICO Conference, Dr Will Marsden will describe best practice approaches in his talk: 'The complexities of composites data: the results of a five-year program to create a database schema for composite materials'. Or find out more on Booth D55 at JEC Composites in Paris, Booth E30 at SAMPE Long Beach, or by visiting our website.

Read the abstract and get more details 


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JEC & SAMPE Highlight Composites



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2. SAE Congress, Latest for Automotive & Lightweighting

SAE Congress (April 16-19) and Granta Seminar (April 19), Detroit:
‘Achieving efficiency through Materials Information Technology:
reducing time and risk, enhancing innovation in automotive & general manufacturing’

April's SAE Congress will provide an excellent forum for discussing materials information challenges. The theme this year is "Achieving Efficiency". Granta’s half-day seminar, held immediately after the Congress (but open to all, without cost), will look at how materials information technology supports this objective in sectors such as automotive, industrial equipment manufacturing, energy, aerospace, and materials production. Join Granta on booth 419, or take part in the seminar, to find how Granta can help.

More on SAE Congress 

Seminar details and registration 

Granta's new toolset for automotive manufacturers and their supply chain

Granta has just launched a new package of materials data and information management tools to meet the needs of the automotive sector. The new GRANTA MI:Automotive Package allows you to build an integrated system, configured to your needs, to manage all of your proprietary materials data—from testing, QA, research, and beyond. It allows you to combine your in-house expertise with leading reference data on metals, plastics and composites. Templates are available to get started quickly when building common classes of databases, such as crash and formability data for sheet steels, or composites qualification programs.   Webinar on Nov 15 with speakers from Jaguar Land Rover and TRW Automotive

More on Granta for Automotive 

Web Seminar (April 24):
'Developing and positioning lightweight materials'

An upcoming web seminar is aimed at companies who are developing new materials for lightweight applications. This webinar will show how the latest materials information technology can help you streamline your material development process, position new materials effectively, and bridge the gap between R&D, technical marketing and, ultimately, your customers.

Full details and registration 

3. Materials Applications for Design, Simulation, and PLM

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Teamcenter expands Granta’s range of materials information applications for CAD, CAE, and PLM

There was considerable interest at the recent PI Congress in Granta’s new materials application for Teamcenter®. This further expands the support for leading design and product development systems achieved through the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ technology. The growing range of integrations already includes applications for Abaqus/CAE®, ANSYS®, Autodesk Inventor®, NX®, Pro/ENGINEER® and Creo®. These MI:Materials Gateways operate with a company’s gold-source materials database, providing:

  • The right data, in the right format, with full traceability, when and where it is needed, through access to managed corporate materials data from within CAD and CAE.
  • Support for optimal materials and processing decisions, through dedicated dashboard and reporting tools within CAD.

By providing this materials knowledge management application for PLM systems such as Teamcenter, capabilities already available to designers now become more widely accessible. This benefits both managers and costing, environmental, or other specialists when they review individual products or look across product families. (See also this month's video tips, which demonstrate one such MI:Materials Gateway.)

  Reporting materials assignments in Teamcenter using GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway  

More on GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway 

Materials Data Management Consortium (MDMC) focus on future development plans

Integration of materials data with CAD, CAE, and PLM was also a key theme for the MDMC collaboration when it met, hosted by Lockheed Martin, in January. Members have committed to working with Granta in the development and implementation of tools supporting broader integration and more effective use of the data within these systems. The Consortium also discussed development plans for the next version of GRANTA MI™ and appreciated hands-on demonstrations of, and training in, the latest software. The next meeting will be hosted by Sandia National Labs from July 31-August 1, 2013.

Read a report of the meeting 

More on the MDMC 

4. Sulzer's Materials Data Management Project 

Sulzer has a global reputation in providing reliable equipment for performance-critical applications in sectors from Oil & Gas to Power Generation. To successfully engineer their products, they need accurate and comprehensive materials information. With this in mind, they recently started a project to find the best ways of accessing authoritative reference data on materials properties across their global enterprise. They quickly realized that managing internal proprietary data was “at least as important as reference data”. Visit our website to read the case study, which follows their progress, examining how a materials data management project can improve reliability, save time, and extract more value from existing corporate knowledge.   Description: Sulzer provide an extensive range of pumping systems and solutions to  key markets including oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, water including wastewater, pulp and paper, and other industrial markets. Image courtesy of Sulzer

Read the case study 

5. Critical Materials and the EMIT Consortium

Watch Critical Materials webinar on-demand: expert speaker from Oakdene Hollins

At last week's web seminar (now available for on-demand viewing), guest speaker Nicholas Morley, director of Europe's leading consultancy on critical materials, joined Granta’s Dr. Jamie O’Hare to discuss materials subject to supply risk due to geopolitical factors, physical scarcity, co-production risk, conflict minerals, and price volatility. They looked at how engineering organizations are responding to the business risks associated with critical materials and conflict minerals. These include supply disruptions, sudden price escalations, and compliance with legislation such as the Dodd-Frank Act.  

Granta’s new Critical Materials Data Module (which was enabled by funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board's project SAMULET) links elemental supply risk information to materials by composition. This helps materials engineers and product sustainability experts to perform a data-driven risk assessment on materials suppliers and to take early mitigating action to ensure business continuity and reduce long term costs of production.

Full details and registration for on-demand viewing 

Read about the Critical Materials Data Module 

EMIT Consortium to see new restricted substance data and review strategy

Granta’s work on Critical Materials has been supported by members of the Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium, a collaboration focused on developing tools which support engagement with environmental and related issues during the early stages of product design. Members are preparing for their 10th meeting, which will be hosted by Eurocopter in Marseilles on March 13-15. They will see the latest data to support risk assessment for restricted substances. This includes new information on ‘Technical Readiness Levels’ for the coatings data table, new information on materials thought to be at high risk of obsolescence, and an update to the REACH Candidate List. The Consortium will be reviewing its strategy for the further development of IT infrastructure, design tools, and data.

More on Restricted Substances data 

6. Managing Medical Materials Data

Hear Ethicon Surgical Care or join Granta at other medical webinars and events

Organizing, managing, and applying materials data is becoming a crucial requirement for today’s medical device industry. On March 21, Ethicon Surgical Care will provide insights regarding the strategic importance of materials information management to enhance product approval and delivery. You can also find out more at two other web seminars, hosted by Granta’s Dr Sarah Egan, looking at material selection (April 11) and materials reference data for medical device design (April 18).

If you are going along to this week's MD&M meeting in Florida, you can hear Granta's Kristen Roenigk speak about systematic materials selection on March 6. Why not send us an email and arrange to meet up to talk about your medical materials challenges?
  Complete set of values for core material properties for bone.

Upcoming medical webinars and events 

7. On the Blog & Social Media

Stay up to date with Granta’s experts

Blog   Check out Granta’s blog for the latest thoughts from our materials information technology experts. Recent posts look at the amazing properties of bone, ask what’s the best material for shopping bags (paper, plastics, or jute), and address materials teaching in light of the ‘flat world philosophy'. We’ve more great topics coming up, including a look at bio-resorbable magnesium alloys. Check back regularly, or follow us on social media to stay up to date.

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Granta on social media 

8. Workshops & Seminars

Granta's Germany-Austria-Switzerland User Group Meeting

The second 'DACH' User Group Meeting took place last week in Zurich. It was preceded by an Open Seminar, where engineers and managers involved in working with materials information were able to share ideas with GRANTA MI users. The user group meeting provided opportunities for discussion—sharing common challenges faced across the different industries represented—as well as hands-on sessions learning ‘Tips and Tricks’ for use with GRANTA MI Version 6.

Workshop: Materials Information Technology in Research & Industry
IMWF, University of Stuttgart, Germany (March 19)

This month, the Institute for Materials Testing, Materials Science, & Strength of Materials (IMWF) and Granta are co-hosting a workshop on materials information technology and materials simulation. This will provide an overview of the latest technology as well as bringing together interested research partners from industry and academia for in-depth discussions and to initiate new ideas and opportunities for further collaboration.

Seminars: Materials Information Technology in Industry
Detroit (April 19), Sao Paulo (April 22), and Barcelona (May 14)

Granta are hosting three ‘Materials Information Technology in Industry’ seminars: these will take place in Detroit, MI, on April 19, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 22, and Barcelona, Spain,  on May 14. These are ideal for materials engineers, materials scientists, senior managers with responsibility for product development and engineering, or managers with an interest in how effective use of materials information could help in the supply chain or in environmental product stewardship. Hear case study presentations from leading engineering enterprises, see demonstrations, get your questions answered, and network with other engineers and managers with similar interests. Find out more and register (without cost) on our website.

Full list of upcoming seminars 

9. CES Selector User Training

Use of the Hybrid Synthesizer for lightweight design (March 5)

Current targets for reducing the environmental impact of, for example, vehicles, are driving the development of new hybrid materials and structures. The Hybrid Synthesizer enables the potential benefits and limitations of these types of materials to be established in the early stages of design, before significant levels of time, effort, and resource are committed.

All CES Selector users and any Granta licence holder—even if you have not used CES Selector recently—should join this training session to find out more about the Hybrid Synthesizer and how it can be used to identify optimal solutions for a target application. This session will be of particular interest to those using or thinking of using the Hybrid Synthesizer, as well as any material producers, material specialists, product designers, or application engineers.

More details (for current CES Selector users) 

See item 11 for a full list of related webinars including those focused on lightweighting, medical devices, and eco design.

10. GRANTA MI Training & Latest Software Updates

GRANTA MI User Training:
How to get the most from Multi Value Attributes (April 2)

Anyone who uses GRANTA MI, either as an end user or a database administrator, should join this online training session to find out more about the new Multi Value Attributes capability. In GRANTA MI Version 6, this provides powerful ways of storing and searching materials data. This webinar will demonstrate the different kinds of MVA, how they appear to users, how they can be queried, and also how administrators can set them up. You will also see how some of the Granta reference databases have been enhanced through the use of Multi Value Attributes.

More details (for current GRANTA MI users) 

Update 1 available for GRANTA MI Version 6

Key contacts at GRANTA MI user-organziations will have recently received details of the latest update available for their software. It benefits MI:Toolbox users who regularly import files,  users of MI:Substitute, and those who wish to take advantage of a number of performance improvements in MI:Viewer and MI:Toolbox. It also fixes some defects reported since the release of the software.  Alongside this update, new Remote Import functionality is also being made available within GRANTA MI:Toolbox. This first release is focused on providing an importer for data stored in Excel.

Get the release notes 

11. Upcoming Webinars

Join Granta's guest speakers and in-house experts for short (hour-long) webinars, without cost, as they discuss materials information technology for a wide range of industries:

  • February 28, Oakdene Hollins on 'Critical Materials and Conflict Minerals' (now available online)
  • March 21, Ethicon Surgical Care on 'Materials Information Management for Medical Device Design'
  • April 11, Materials Selection for Medical Devices
  • April 18, Materials Reference Data for Medical Device Design
  • April 24, Developing and Positioning Lightweight materials
  • April 25, Eco Design: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into Design

Full list of Granta webinars 

12. Upcoming Events

Full list of upcoming events and seminars 

13. Hints and Tips

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software.

  1. Exploring MaterialUniverse as a hub to link related reference data—this example focuses on plastics, demonstrating MaterialUniverse, CAMPUS, and Prospector Plastics (previously known as 'IDES Plastics').
  2. Getting material models into CAE—this example shows how you can import materials models, with full traceability, to Abaqus/CAE using either exporters or MI:Materials Gateway.
Get the tips 

  Watch the video tips...  

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