Granta Material News - The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.

Granta Material News—February 2012

The quarterly update for anyone who creates, uses, or manages materials information.


1. Granta to provide NIMS creep and fatigue data Top

Japan's National Institute for Materials Science widens access to half a century of metals research for energy and processing plant applications

Granta has agreed with Japan's National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) to provide searchable access to NIMS metals property data. This world-leading data-set results from years of continuous testing of metals including carbon steels, low alloy steels, high chromium steels, and austenitic stainless steels, as well as iron-based, nickel-based, and cobalt-based alloys.   National Institute of Materials Science, Japan

Until now, the data has only been generally available as published graphs and figures. For the first time, users will be able to access and use the underlying raw numerical data. This will be made available as a GRANTA MI data module later in 2012, providing easy web browser-based access and allowing users to search, plot, and export data for use in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

Dr. Toshio Ogata, Station Director of the Materials Information Station at NIMS, commented that he "expects this agreement to provide the opportunity for use of data that NIMS has accumulated in a wide range of fields, from energy to transportation equipment and structures."

Find out more on our website. If you are interested in this topic, why not help to guide Granta's implementation of this data by letting us know how it can best meet your needs?

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2. StahlDat SX: European steels online Top

Stahlinstitut , Metatech GmbH,  and Granta Design create new online information resource

The new StahlDat SX website provides engineers and materials scientists with simple access to the complete Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels), associated specifications, and properties. Manufacturing companies and research institutes can subscribe online and then quickly and easily browse and search this data, benefiting from the wealth of steel information compiled by Stahlinstitut VDEh (the German Steel Institute).   The new StahlDat SX website provides engineers and materials scientists with simple access to the complete Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels), associated specifications, and properties. The website makes this data quick and easy to browse and search, combining the wealth of steel information compiled by the Stahlinstitut with Granta's industry-leading technology for managing, sharing, and using materials information.

This new information resource, created in a collaboration between the Stahlinstitut, Granta, and Metatech GmbH, is powered by the GRANTA MI technology. StahlDat SX data is also available as a module for corporate installations of GRANTA MI. This means that it can be made available on a corporate network, integrated with a company's materials data.

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Visit the new StahlDat SX site 

3. Materials producers—Guide and web seminar Top

'A Material Producer's Guide to Materials Information Technology'—available now!

Granta's latest Guide draws on our experience working with leading producers of metals, plastics, and composites to ask: What's driving changes in the industry? and What does this mean about the importance of materials information technology? With five simple and practical tips, you see how to systematically manage, control, and use one of your most valuable assets—your materials information—to position your products against the competition, avoid expensive retesting, and work more closely with your key customers. Download your copy of this Guide (at no cost) to find out more about how you can maintain a competitive advantage.

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Web seminar on 'New Software for Materials Producers', March 14

Join Granta for a brief web seminar on March 14, looking at how to manage critical materials information and how to use this information to improve and market your materials. The seminar is aimed at anyone involved in materials research and development, advanced innovation groups in materials producer organizations, and techno-marketing specialists. Register now to join the presentation, see the latest software tools in action, and take part in a live Q&A.

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4. Reducing the cost per kwh of wind power Top

Case study and European Wind Energy Association Conference, Denmark, April 16-19

Test and design data relating to composites are crucial to optimizing the design of turbine blades and other key components. But composites data can be complex and difficult to manage and use. Solving this problem and extracting full value from this data enables greater confidence in product design, resulting in shorter design cycles and supporting goals of increased blade size, stiffness, and durability.

To see how Granta can help providers of wind power to reduce the cost per kwh of wind power, read our case study.  Then join Granta at EWEA 2012 to ask more questions and see a demonstration of Granta's software and information resources.

  Materials information is important to the effective design and maintenance of wind turbines

Read the wind power case study 

Meet Granta at EWEA (April 16-19) 

5. CAD/CAE integration Top

New tools for CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, and Autodesk Inventor

A number of new software tools are available to improve the availability and application of materials data within Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) systems.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Pro/ENGINEER, which provides access to your corporate materials database from within the Pro/ENGINEER CAD software, now includes options for eco assessment and restricted substance reporting, as well as a French-language release.

The Full Version of Eco Materials Adviser provides materials property data and tools to assess the environmental footprint of designs within Autodesk Inventor. It is now available in French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese versions, in addition to English.

The list of standard exporters available within GRANTA MI has also been expanded, now including the ability to create input files for Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, and CATIA V5.

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Representatives from 19 organizations brainstorm materials data applications

The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is a collaborative project that develops best practice for materials information management. At its 19th project meeting last month, hosted by Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, CA, materials engineers and managers were joined by colleagues working in engineering design and simulation. Attendees identified clear needs to seamlessly apply accurate and approved materials information in CAD, but also for more advanced functionality, such as ensuring traceability in FEA and use in product analytics. Input from the meeting will help to guide future development of the GRANTA MI software.  

Read the report on the MDMC website 

6. Latest software for lightweight design Top

Join Granta at JEC Composites and online at two upcoming web seminars

Successful lightweight design is not just about the materials, but how you put together materials, processes, design, and much more. Engineering organizations seeking to create lighter products need the right data about materials and processes. But they also need tools to help them predict the performance of hybrid materials and structures, to study engineering, cost, and environmental performance, and so to make the right design decisions. Materials producers who are innovating in lightweight design need similar tools to guide their customers towards the use of their products.  
Succesful lightweight design is not just about the materials, but how you put together materials, processes, design, and much more.

Granta software can help. Join us on the booth at JEC Composites in Paris (March 27-29) to find out more. Or join one of our upcoming web seminars.

Meet Granta at JEC Composites, Paris (March 27-29) 

Web seminar: New Software for Materials Producers (March 14) 

Web seminar: Lightweight Design (March 20) 

7. Materials & Process Cost Analysis Project Top

Phase II kick off meeting, Paris, March 29
The Materials Strategy Software Consortium is a collaboration that defines and applies new software to manage materials data and meet the challenges of material selection, substitution, and cost optimization. The Consortium is sponsoring a number of development projects in this area.   Materials Strategy Software Consortium (logo)

One of these projects is on "Materials and Process Cost Analysis". Phase II of this project is about to kick off with a meeting alongside the JEC Composites Show in Paris this Spring. The project aims to develop new tools for the early assessment and visualization of the cost and competitiveness of manufacturable parts. Find out more online:

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8. Sustainable and cost-effective use of materials Top

Web seminar (Feb 21): Dr Ben Sheridan (BSI) discusses the role of standards in eco design

At a short web seminar on February 21, Dr Ben Sheridan, the Sector Development Manager for Advanced Manufacturing at BSI, will join Granta's Dr. Jamie O'Hare as they look at the business drivers for eco-aware design. Dr Sheridan will address the key points of the BS 8905 standard on the sustainable use of materials, and go on to show real life case studies of companies that have gained business benefits by applying this standard.

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9. Restricted substances Top

"Where used" data for the SIN list 2.0, coming soon!

Later this month, Granta will release the latest version of the Restricted Substance Data Module, which contains "where used" data for the SIN List 2.0. The SIN (Substitute It Now!) List is a list of around 380 chemicals regarded as likely to face restrictions based on the criteria established by the European Union regulation REACH. The Restricted Substances Data Module now includes the results of research into these substances, indicating where they are typically used in industrial materials, manufacturing processes, and coatings. GRANTA MI users can apply this data to assess their exposure to these substances, and prepare proactively for expansion of the REACH Candidate List, which currently stands at 73 substances.

This release will build upon the January release which included updates such as:

  • Regulation No. 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Korean WEEE and RoHS Regulations
  • EU Directive 85/467/EEC Polychlorinated Biphenyls
  • TSCA Section 5(a) Significant New Use Rules (SNURs)

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Open seminar in Cambridge discusses substance risk management, March 19

Restricted substance regulations will be a main focus for an open seminar at the next EMIT Consortium meeting in Cambridge, UK. The Consortium is a collaboration currently involving Boeing, EADS Astrium, Eurocopter, Emerson Electric, Granta, Lockheed-Martin, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, Thales, NPL, and NASA. Members will provide case study presentations during the seminar.   EMIT: developing software tools and information resources that embed eco design and consideration of environmental regulations into everyday engineering workflows

The seminar will discuss the business-critical nature of restricted substance and eco design challenges. It will outline the importance of materials data management in addressing these issues. Attendees will see information resources and tools to track restricted substance regulations, link legislation to the materials, coatings, and processes used in their organization, and use this information in design. They will also learn about tools to consider environmental impacts like energy usage and CO2 footprint during design.

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10. Seminar report—Birmingham, UK Top

Engineers and materials scientists from a wide range of industries met at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham, UK, in November for a day of discussions on materials information technology. The guest speaker was Darren Green, Chief of Materials Design Services at Rolls-Royce, who spoke about the drive towards continuous improvement in materials data quality in his organization. His talk discussed the challenges of working towards a 'zero data loss' policy by combining the right information technology with the right corporate policies.

Other hot topics were materials substitution and equivalency, integration of materials data with design, composite information management, and eco design.

Read the full report 

11. Medical applications Top

Latest data and software on show at MD&M West, Feb 14-16 (Anaheim, CA)
At MD&M West in Anaheim later this month, Granta will be demonstrating the latest software tools and reference data for medical materials application—helping to inform decisions on selection, substitution, qualification, regulation, and biocompatibility, and for design calculations. You will find us on booth 3905. Why not arrange an appointment to discuss your needs in more detail?   Accessing information on Orthopaedic Materials from your web browser. This device datasheet is linked to data about the materials, processes, coatings, and drugs used with the device.

Join Granta at MD&M West (Feb 14-16

Updates to the Medical Materials Database

After recent updates to the Medical Materials Database, it now provides access to a new substitute tool and new and updated exporters, as well predefined options simplifying common searches (such as identifying approved devices made from a particular material). This comprehensive knowledge resource now includes:

Orthopaedic Materials: ~200 materials, coatings, and drugs for all types of orthopaedic device, including hips, knees, spinal, ankle, toe, elbow, finger, shoulder, wrist, and trauma, together with over 9,000 FDA device approvals.

Cardiovascular Materials: over 200 materials, coatings, and drugs relevant to artificial hearts, bypass devices, clips, defibrillators, filters, grafts, heart valves, hemostasis devices, pacemakers, patches, stents, and vascular embolization devices, together with over 15,000 FDA device approvals.

Read more about the Medical Materials Database 

12. Tips Top

In each Granta Material News we link to tips that help users to get more from Granta software.

Tip 1: How to find equivalent alloy grades using GRANTA MI:Substitute and the MI-21 database Video excerpt: Identification of equivalent alloy grades using a combination of software (the newly released GRANTA MI:Substitute tool) and data (in this case, the MI-21 database, a collaboration between Granta, NAMTEC, the World Metal Index and TWI.)
Tip 2: Using the reference material and 'relative values' features in CES Selector to determine the change in free variable for a design CES Selector Case Study: Powerful graphical selection tools help identify the optimal material for a lightweight panel according to a particular performance indicator, and to assess the change in free variable.

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13. Events—training, conferences, web seminars Top

Online GRANTA MI training: Feb 7—Restricted Substances
These free bi-monthly sessions are open to any current GRANTA MI customer. Join us next week to see demonstrations and put your questions on the GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances solution, including the latest developments in software and related data.
  Granta's team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions on Feb  7

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CES Selector training: March 6—'Supporting Environmental Design with CES Selector'
These free bi-monthly sessions are open to any current CES Selector customer. Join us in March to learn more about the CES Selector Eco Audit Tool and other capabilities that support eco design.
  CES Selector 2012

More details and registration 

Web seminars
Granta web seminars are open to all. These are the events over the next few months: for a complete list, please visit our website.

Date Event
Feb 15 Materials Selection and Replacement using CES Selector
Feb 21 Standards and Tools to Guide the Sustainable and Cost-effective Use of Materials
Mar 14 New Software for Materials Producers
Mar 20 Lightweight Design
Mar 29 Applying Materials Property Data for Performance, Cost,
and Eco Design in Autodesk Inventor
Apr  17 Materials Substitution

Conferences and seminars
These are the events over the next few months: for a complete list, and for more details, please visit our website.

Date Event Location
Feb 7-8 EUCOMAS Hamburg, Germany
Feb 14-16 Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) Anaheim, CA
Feb 15-16 4a Technologietag 2012 Schladming, Austria
Feb 22-23 PLM Innovation 2012 Munich, Germany
Mar 19-21 8th EMIT Consortium Meeting and Open Seminar Cambridge, UK
Mar 20-22 Ecobuild London, UK
Mar 27-29 JEC Composites Show (Europe) Paris, France
Mar 29 Materials & Process Cost Analysis Phase II Kick Off Meeting Paris, France

Full events listings on our website 


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