Granta Material News, Feb 2011

Video Tips

The following video tips are clips extracted from recent Granta web seminars that demonstrate useful features in the GRANTA MI or CES Selector software.

Tip 1: Accessing Steels Data in GRANTA MI

Length: 3 mins.

Presenter: Dan Williams, Granta Design

This short video clip introduces the StahlDat SX data available within GRANTA MI, and demonstrates how to find, search, and apply this comprehensive resource of steels data.

  View this short extract from our recent Steels Web Semianr, looking at the StahlDatSX data available in GRANTA MI


Tip 2: How the Hybrid Synthesizer can quickly and easily predict material properties to guide R&D

Length: 7:30 mins

Presenter: Dr Charlie Bream, Granta Design

This clip from a recent Granta seminar briefly introduces the Hybrid Synthesizer Tool and presents a case study using the Hybrid Synthesizer to predict the material properties of two different magnesium laminates, reinforced with carbon and alumina fibres. Making use of CES Selector's rational selection and visualization tools, it can quickly be established which reinforcement will offer a performance enhancement for a light, stiff panel loaded in bending.

 M = Ef^(1/3)/rho

The striking result is that the magnesium / carbon composites are strung out roughly normal to the performance index line: they offer a large gain in performance. By contrast, the magnesium / alumina composites are strung out along the index line and offer no gain in performance, as measured by this criterion, over the unfilled magnesium alloy.


Watch the case study


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